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This is the novelization of a romantic drama involving a ne'er-do-well-turned-soldier who falls for a conservative college student whilst home on leave. Narrated by John Tyree, who has been raised by a father who has Asperger's Syndrome, is a postal worker who is single, and puts a lot of effort into his ginormous coin collection.
When John meets Savannah, a college student who goes to the University of North Carolina, she's working for Habitat for Humanity, he's on leave (he dives into the water to resuce her sinking purse). The two couldn't be more opposite: he's an on-and-off drinker with a history of one night stands, while Savannah is a teetotaler and a virgin. Over the summer attraction and values clash, but the deal doesn't get closed. Savannah wants John to come home, but her friend Tim wants to have a relationship with her.

Dear John, now a major motion picture, also addresses 9/11 and the consequences of the terror attacks of that tragic September day. How does 9/11 affect the direction of this novel?
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