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Cyber Cinderella

===About the Book=== My world turned upside down the day I Googled myself and found IzobelBrannigan.com, a Web site dedicated to me. I'm not a celebrity, I'm not royal, and I'm not an heiress. What I am is an average girl with a good job and a bad boyfriend. Nothing unusual there... And yet, someone out there does think I'm unusual. They think I'm a fashion icon, a mover and a shaker about to take the world by storm. It's amazing how the virtual Izobel Brannigan is so much more interesting than me. She's a glamourous party girl; I'm a public relations hack. She's a rebel; I'm a conformist. She has all the answers, and all I have are questions, the biggest being: Who is this Izobel Brannigan, and how do I get her life?
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