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About the Book

A desperate search for her missing brother once again pits Claire Redfield against the terrifying bioweapons of the Umbrella Corporation. Her quest leads her to a remote island where a mad genius has unleashed every grotesque creature at his disposal to stop her from interfering with his horrific agenda.

Catapulted to the bottom of the world, Claire is at last reunited with the man she came to find. Chris Redfield has been fighting a one-man war of his own against Umbrella's most terrifying creations...and is now on a collision course with the man who betrayed the S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City. A man who should, by all rights, be dead: Captain Albert Wesker.

Feb 08, 09 12:24am
Best Resi ever CodeVeronica
Feb 08, 08 1:12pm
added 6 new concept art
Jul 13, 05 2:38am
Yup, I own the Dreamcast original too, and it rocks! CodeVeronica
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