: : : Big Girls Don't Cry

About the Book

Sex, lies and chocolate cake!

Marina has spent most of her adult life going from diet to diet, binge to binge. There isn't a diet she hasn't tried or a type of chocolate she hasn't sampled.

But although big girls aren't supposed to cry, in Marina's experience, they don't have much fun either. She's 31, almost fifteen stone, and desperate.

Scientist David Sandhurst throws her a life-line. He's the inventor of a miracle drug - a drug he beleives can help people lose weight without dieting or excercise. All he needs to do is prove it...

Enrolled in the year long test, Marina soon finds herself - miracle of miracles - losing weight and gaining confidence. Soon she's waving goodbye to her hips and hell to her new improved love-life - and to a whole new set of problems!

For Marina's about to discover that inside every big woman there's a thin one trying to get out....and eat chocolate!
Jun 28, 06 4:35pm

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