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Battle Royale

===About the Book=== In the near future, a random class of 9th graders has been chosen to compete on The Program, a popular game show that requires its contestants to battle to the death on a top-secret island. Included in this class are Shuuya Nanahara, Noriko Nakagawa, Shogo Kawada, Kazuo Kiriyama, and Mitsuko Souma. Five students that couldn't be more different, yet now find themselves sharing a common plight. Abandoned, and with no hope of escape, they must kill each other and the rest of their class, until only one of them is left living. Unwilling to slaughter his fellow classmates for the amusement of others, Shuuya forms an alliance to fight back and deliver a counter-punch to the government that ruined their lives. However, he must be careful, for there are some students who are determined to "win" this cruel game.
LaFoL read Battle Royale
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Jul 20, 10 9:08am
4/5 BattleRoyale
Dark totoro
Nov 18, 08 12:57am
AWESOME...=D BattleRoyale
lil nudistgirl
Jul 01, 08 1:12am
Watched BattleRoyale
Jun 14, 07 8:39am

This is the first Graphic Novel that I have read and finished. Simply it was amazing...

Princess Carmipoo
Jul 01, 05 3:52am
Brilliant nonsense. BattleRoyale
May 31, 05 12:38am
Legend BattleRoyale
Jan 26, 05 6:12am
I share this with my bro BattleRoyale
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