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Ancestors of Avalon

===About the Book=== Temple of the Light Guardian Tiriki and her husband Prince-Priest Micail know between the dreams and the violent tremors that the mountain is awakening with already three devastating tremors in two days. Although they would prefer to remain in each other's arms, each has duties and responsibilities. Micail must provide leadership to the frightened inhabitants while Tiriki perform the ritual to reinforce balance at the Omphalos Stone. However, in spite of their heroic efforts and those of others like Aldel the Acolyte who sacrificed her life to save the Omphalos Stone, the end has arrived for the islanders of Atlantis. It is time to sail away by from Atlantis where many die and a rich heritage is almost certainly buried beneath the sea. Tiriki and Micail are separated probably forever. While most mourn the loss of their culture and the adaptation that will needed when the survivors reach the Isle of the Mighty, some see opportunity not loss. Acolyte Damisa feels the new world gives her a choice of following the path of a priestess to a religion she no longer believes in based on the recent cataclysm or a power grab to become Queen. Only Tiriki could potentially stand in her way. ANCESTORS OF AVALON may be the best of the Avalon tales. The story line stands alone due to the strength of the characterizations especially the two surviving female rivals, yet also interconnects the myriad of plots from the previously published books that actually occur after the events of this saga. Series fans will see the tree trunk that leads to the numerous branches. In Darkover-Avalon heaven there is surely a smiling female author pleased with the results.
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