: : : A Thousand Words for Stranger

About the Book

Ambushed by unknown assailants, cut off from her escort, and on the run with no memory of who she was, what she was doing on the world known as Auord, or why she was driven by a compulsion to find a specific ship and head for an unknown destination, she was forced to accept the help of a space trader named Morgan. Captain Morgan gave her the name Sira and a berth on his spaceship, but there was something about him she could not quite trust, something that he was hiding from her.

Yet, sought by the Enforcers of the interstellar Trade Pact, by representatives of the Clan of which Sira herself was a member, and by a mysterious pursuer determined to use Sira for his own ends, she had no choice but to ally herself with Morgan-even though each might well prove the other's doom...
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