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In "Bring me the Head of Prince Charming" and "If Faust You Don't Succeed", the masters of comic fantasy Roger Zelazny and Robert Sheckly told of two Millennial contests between Good and Evil. Well, now that it's a quiet time between Millennia, the demon Azzie is becoming bored and restless...

Then inspiration hits. On a devlish sabbatical to Europe, Azzie discovers that morality plays are all the rage. He decides to strike back by producing an "immorality play", in which seven non-descript human pilgrims will be allowed by magic to attain their heart's desires. But the forces of Good are determined to close the play before it opens. New characters suddenly start roaming the stage, such as a Grateful Dead-listening Cyclops, and Azzie's own protagonists begin changing their desires on the slightest whim. This is one theatrical production that could do without an angel-- and there's even worse news waiting in the wings...
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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • Publisher:
  • ISBN: 0553374427
  • Hardcover Release
    North AmericaMar 1, 1995
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