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Sapphire Radeon X1600 XT Ultimate

Neoseeker reviews Sapphires 'Ultimate' version of the X1600 XT featuring an extra large, nearly passive cooling setup for ultra quiet operation.
June 8th, 2006

BFG GeForce 7950GX2

Neoseeker reviews the 7950 GX2 dual PCB behemoth. This card represents the first step of NVIDIA's future Quad SLI implementation. In the meantime, we get was is supposed to be the fastest single card available. Read our review to see how it does!
June 5th, 2006

Sapphire Radeon X1800 GTO

Sapphire presents us with a low-cost graphics card aimed at the mainstream gaming market. Competing directly with NVIDIA's GeForce 7600 GT, does this card sport enough muscle to sway budget-limited gamers in its favour? Come and see for yourself!
May 26th, 2006

Matrox TripleHead2Go

We take a look at a new product from Matrox -- the TripleHead2Go. This device enables you to combine three monitors to create a single widescreen display, allowing for immersion not yet fully realized in the gaming world until now.
April 12th, 2006

BFG GeForce 7900 GT OC SLI

Hot on the heels of our last BFG review, we now have BFG's middle-high-end up for some serious testing. These cards promise to deliver an awesome bang-for-the-buck, but do they deliver on that promise? You'll have to find out for yourself!
April 10th, 2006

BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC SLI

Right up there alone with its bigger brothers, the 7900 GT and GTX, is the GeForce 7600 GT. This little beast is designed to bark, but without too much bite on your wallet. Thanks to BFG, we've paired two of these suckers up, so come and see for yourself whether one (or two) of these cards are enough game for you!
April 5th, 2006

BFG GeForce 7900 GTX OC SLI

BFG sends us two of their GeForce 7900 GTX OCs ... so what do we do? We throw them into our game testing rig and see what kind of frames they can pull, of course! We pit these cards against our 7900 GTX launch card from XFX, as well as showing what kind of benefits you can expect if you throw two of these together. Read on to see what BFG has to offer in the form of their GeForce 7900 GTX OC!
March 23rd, 2006

EVGA GeForce 7900 GTX Preview

NVIDIA has launched their new 7900 GTX series video card, and EVGA is one of the companies that has stepped up to the plate to offer product on launch day. How does the 7900 GTX stack up against ATI's offerings, and NVIDIA's older ones? You'll have to check this preview out to find out!
March 9th, 2006

BFG Geforce 7800 GS OC AGP Review

In a move sure to please many users, NVIDIA has released an AGP variant of its latest GPU architecture. We take a look at what NVIDIA hopes to be the fastest AGP card available on the market today.
February 2nd, 2006

ATI Radeon X1900 XT P/Review

Another year, another flagship product launch. Rumours of 24 and 32 pixel shader GPUs abounded in 2005, but now ATI unveils its 48 (yes 48!!) pixel shader behemoth. We preview the X1900XT and see what ATIs newest offering does to its competition.
January 24th, 2006

ATI Radeon X1800 CrossFire

NVIDIA isn't the only game in town now for the ultra high end, dual card gaming market. ATI's X1800 CrossFire is finally out the gates and eager gamers everywhere will not be disappointed. We take it through the paces in our preview.
December 23rd, 2005

Asus GeForce EN7800 GT Review

We review Asus' stab at the 7800 GT market with their N7800 GT, that comes in blue with a propreitary cooler design.
November 21st, 2005

EVGA GeForce 6800 GS Review

Neoseeker reviews the 6800 GS from EVGA. The card offers fantastic performance and solid overclocking for a very attractive price.
November 18th, 2005

Sapphire X800 GTO Ultimate Review

Neoseeker reviews the X800 GTO Ultimate from Sapphire. The card is clocked at standard speeds, but comes equipped with a massive heatsink for silent operation.
November 15th, 2005


It has been five months since the release of NVIDIA's GeForce 7800 GTX video card, and we had the pleasure of being one of the lucky review shops to get their hands on a review sample. Since then, both BFG and XFX have sent us their corresponding 7800 GTX-based products, and we've been extremely pleased with what we have seen so far.
November 8th, 2005

XFX GeForce 6600 DDR2 Review

XFX has released Nvidia's latest low-midrange card overclocked by 50 MHz at a very competitive price point. Click here to read more.
November 8th, 2005

ATI Driver Update: OpenGL Performance

We test a BETA of the latest ATI drivers that promise enhancements in OpenGL based games, like Doom 3.
October 28th, 2005

Sapphire Radeon X800 GTO² Review

Sapphire's X800 GTO² promises extra unlockable pipelines and amazing overclocking. We put it through its paces.
October 25th, 2005

Powercolor Radeon X800 GT Review

Powercolor gives the X800 GT its treatment. The results are a very high performing card for a very low price.
October 22nd, 2005


The ATI Radeon X1300 Pro promises top of the line features for a relatively low price. The new card is built on the 90 nanometer process and features Shader Model 3 as well as ATI's new 'Avivo' video product.
October 15th, 2005

ATI RADEON X1000 Series

Neoseeker previews the latest ATI cards, the X1000 series. The new cards promise high performance, high efficiency, and selective immediate availability!
October 5th, 2005

Sapphire Radeon X550

ATi gives the entry-level market an upgrade. It's model number is closer to the X600 than the X300, but how does it fare?
September 9th, 2005

Sapphire Radeon X800 XL Ultimate

Sapphire's latest mid-range card features a pre-installed Zalman VF700 cooler for quieter and more efficient cooling. This X800 XL-based card is sure to turn some heads, as it is available at an affordable price point of $299 MSRP.
August 29th, 2005

BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC

BFG applies some of their OC love to the newly-released GeForce 7800 GTX! Come see how much of a performance improvement BFG's out-of-the-box overclocking gives the brand-spanking new card!
July 14th, 2005

NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX Preview

NVIDIA's next-generation GPU is here, and we've got a hot review ready for your consumption. Check out how the 7800 GTX compares against the previous generation, as well as ATI's current best.
June 23rd, 2005