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Samsung 1100p Plus 21inch Monitor Review

After our first look at 19inch CRT monitors, it came to our attention that there are a number of designers, developers, and gamers who really want to get something even bigger. So here we are, with the Samsung 1100p+, a beautiful 21” monitor with 20.0 inches of viewable area.
May 25th, 2001

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF 19" Monitor Review

When we took a look at the professional grade flat screen 19” CRT monitors a few weeks ago, I also received Samsung’s popular 955DF 19” monitor for review. Although one of the most popular products on the market right now (in the Top 100 List of most popular priced items), the 955DF wasn’t included in our roundup because it was more targeted towards the budget sector. Yet, even with net prices as low as $275, the 955DF managed to fare rather well in our objective and subjective tests.
May 8th, 2001

3 way 19? FlatScreen Monitor Shootout

Who wants to work in 800x600 resolution when the kid next door is pushing polygons in 1280x1024? Especially if 19inch monitors are now fast approaching the point where we found 17inchers only a year or two ago. A pimped up system, with oodles of RAM, a Ghz CPU, and a shiny GeForce 3 isn?t going to impress much when you don?t have enough screen real estate. So isn?t it time for an upgrade?
April 6th, 2001

Philips Vesta Pro Scan PC Camera Review

In all honesty, I requested to review the cam, right after I was told it could scan images and text off of the desktop. I was intrigued by the idea: point the camera at a sheet of paper, click on a button or two in the software and voila, 30 seconds later you have a good chunk of text or images that you can directly cut and paste into whatever application you need. Maybe I was just caught off guard by novelty of the idea, but somehow the concept of cameras that can also scan documents really appealed to me.
February 21st, 2001