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ASUS VG236H 3D Monitor and NVIDIA 3D Surround Review

NVIDIA 3D Vision has been out for a while now, unlike Surround technology. How about trying them out together with three affordable ASUS monitors?
October 18th, 2010

ATI Eyefinity Active DP Adapter Review

These latest Eyefinity dongles only costs a fraction of the price of those currently on the market.
August 29th, 2010

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S (CE) Review

In the realm of racing games there are few challengers to the top seat of racing wheels; the Fanatec 911 Turbo S is the latest, packing 900 degree turning a 6+1 shifter and a full pedal set.
November 6th, 2009

BenQ FP71G+ LCD Panel

LCDs have been pushed heavily by manufacturers as one of the must have components in a modern computer but an issue that has dogged adoptation by gamers is the relatively slow refresh rate. BenQ is the latest to tackle this prickly issue with the FP71G+ which has claimed refresh of 8ms. Is the time ripe to finally switch over? Come find out!
March 23rd, 2005

Leadtek WinFast TV USB2 Deluxe

TV junkies that are on the move should check out Leadtek's WinFast TV USB2 Deluxe as it offers portable TV tuning in a thin form factor that is perfect for travel.
March 7th, 2005

PowerColor Theater 550Pro TV Tuner

PowerColor unleases a TV Tuner based on ATI's Theater 550Pro chip that promises great visual quality, low processor usage and advanced filtering techniques to clean up noisy cable signals. Lots of promises but do they deliver?
February 28th, 2005

Samsung 192MP LCD TV

Samsung's MP series keeps getting wider and bigger. And it's not using any sort of pill. On the heels of the 173MW is the 192MP, yet another multimedia solution from Samsung. Sporting a 1280x1024 TFT, the 192MP adds some desktop real estate area that the 173MW was missing. Does the 192 fit the bill as the all in one component for someone looking to ditch the standard TV and monitor set up?
June 2nd, 2004

Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Expert TV Tuner

Has TV on the desktop finally matured to the point where it is a worthwhile experience? With the number of companies hopping aboard one would certainly think so. Leadtek has a great product in the TV2000 XP Expert that not only allows one to watch television while writing up emails or doing work but it also provides PVR functionality so the old VCR can finally go party with other relics like tape decks and 8-track players. We put in some quality TV time with the Leadtek and give you our thoughts.
May 13th, 2004

Samsung 173MW

Samsung introduces another multimedia solution that is HDTV ready and accepts practically any type of video input. To make things just a bit sweeter, the MW is not a traditional 4:3 screen but a 16:9 widescreen that may be just perfect for movies and work. We put the MW through the gauntlet and see how it performs on the desktop, in games, with DVDs and video games.
March 5th, 2004

172x Deja Vu

We take another look at the Samsung 172x in light of some issues that came up with the original which affected our evaluation of the product substantially. Take a look at what went wrong the first time and if the changes in this new version of the product help propell it back up from the doldrums.
February 25th, 2004

Samsung 172X Review

Samsung's new performance LCD can be summed up as a a long anticipated merging of the 171T and 172N thin bezel designs. With a VERY smooth looking design, featuring ultra slim, and ultra thin bezel, this LCD certainly LOOKS to like a killer. But how does its performance hold up? ANd can the claims of a 12ms response time hold up?
November 5th, 2003

Samsung 172MP Review

Samsung's "MP" series has long held a special place in our hearts: what more can you ask for than LCD slickness and the ability to watch TV or hook up your consoles to your computer screen? Samsung steps up to the plate with their latest 17" MP display and shows their stuff.
November 1st, 2003

Samsung 213T 21" LCD Review

Forget clunky 20" and above CRT monitors that take up all your space and dominate your desk - Samsung's got a sleek and beautiful 21" LCD display that will appeal to just about anyone... anyone with $1200 to spare on a display that is.
September 30th, 2003

AMD 762 Chipset Tweaking (MP/MPX) Guide

In this article we are going to look at improving the performance of the AMD's 760MP/MPX chipset which is designed for multi processor use. We have been digging into the white papers on this chipset over the past week to try and find out every last thing we could about this chipset and then figure out how all of you power hungry madmen with the duallies can make it run even faster! If you've been around this site for very long you know all about chipset registers by now.
August 7th, 2002

Samsung 171P TFT LCD Review

Porsche. Does that attract your attention? Well, to many, just the name will perk heads. Samsung’s new 171P 17” TFT LCD monitor designed by F.A. Porsche Designs will definitely appeal to many people. So, you may be asking whether it really makes a difference to have a product designed by a professional design team that incorporates style, fashion, and usability.
July 10th, 2002

Samsung 760V TFT LCD Review

The Samsung 760V TFT LCD comes from a long line of LCDs from Samsung this year. When I first got my hands on this LCD, I was expecting quite a bit from it since I’ve tested a number of LCDs already, including several Samsung ones. The design and style of this LCD definitely fit in with the new LCDs from Samsung over the last year or two. I just hope more manufacturers would consider aesthetics and design more when they make a new product. I mean you want to buy a quality LCD with as good an image quality as you can get for the price. But then who really wants to buy a $700 monitor (LCD, in this case) that looks ugly? I have seen quite a few out there that look really bad, and I cannot understand why manufacturers do not pick up on this; but enough about aesthetics and style. In addition to design qualities, the Samsung 760V does have a lot to offer at a very competitive price.
May 24th, 2002

Samsung 151MP TFT Monitor Review

In the last year or two, we have seen the prices of LCDs drop considerably. The prices are still much more expensive than the traditional CRT monitors.
March 25th, 2002

Samsung 151s TFT LCD Display Review

The Samsung 151s TFT LCD display is a new product from the line of budget LCD displays at Samsung. The styling and appearance of the unit is much more pleasing than their older line of displays, marking an almost total restyling of all the new displays at Samsung.
March 12th, 2002

Samsung SyncMaster 1200NF Review

There are many types of CRT monitors out in the market, and one of the main differences between CRT monitors is the screen type, be it flat or curved. Flat monitors generally cost more in price but offer reduced geometric distortion of the screen, while curved monitors sacrifice some screen uniformity for lower prices.
January 25th, 2002

Samsung SyncMaster 170T Review

LCD monitor prices are continuing to drop, and perhaps this holiday season is the time to invest in an ergonomic display. If you already own an LCD screen, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a 17” model; I know I want to. We have reviewed numerous amounts of LCD monitors, and the display under the scope today is none other than the Samsung 170T. Samsung is well known for their line of displays and is a leader in innovation. The 170T did not disappoint.
December 28th, 2001

Samsung SyncMaster 170MP Review

We have reviewed a few Samsung liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors in the past, all being 15 inches; however, today we received a 17 inch monster from Samsung, specifically the Samsung 170MP. Prior to the 170MP, we analyzed the 150MP which scored superlatively in all categories, obtaining Neoseeker’s editor’s choice award. The 170MP is the bigger brother with all the same features and added size. But how does the 170MP size up to its sibling monitor? We shall soon find out.
August 22nd, 2001

Cornerstone P1460 19" Monitor Review

CRT monitors are well-established output devices for the personal or corporate computers. The technology behind the CRT monitor is very well refined and provides graphical advantages over the relatively new technology employed by Liquid Crystal Displays. The market has always been pushing towards bigger, better and cheaper displays, be it CRT or LCD. Currently, the standard is a 17-inch CRT display, but most users are looking for larger displays since many are upgrading from older systems. Today we take a look at the Cornerstone p1460 colour 19-inch monitor.
August 13th, 2001

Samsung SyncMaster 150MP 15 Inch LCD Review

Since last weeks review on the 570b LCD display by Samsung, which scored rather disappointingly, we felt it was only right to review a higher end model from this manufacturing giant. The Samsung 15” 150MP LCD was under the microscope this week and proved to be far superior compared to its sibling display. Not only did the 150MP display provide high-end text and graphics, it also included a built in TV tuner.
July 16th, 2001

Samsung SyncMaster 570b Review

Having a bulky CRT monitor on your desk is no longer the only option for consumers. The LCD display is finally making a reach for the mainstream, especially since the markdown of dozens of displays by name brand companies such as Samsung, NEC and Viewsonic.
July 5th, 2001

ATI TV Wonder USB Review

As far as consumer-grade video decoding goes, ATI’s All In Wonder line is probably the most widely used solution. The All-in-Wonder cards, unlike the TV Wonder cards, are complete video card / video decoding solutions. They have the advantage of using only one slot, but the obvious disadvantage of not being able to have the video card of your choice (unless it is an ATI video card you are after –then the AiWs are perfect.
June 7th, 2001