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Gigabyte GT 240 Review

The Gigabyte GT 240 won't break your bank, selling for around a $100 USD. But does it have enough horsepower to deliver the goods?
January 15th, 2010

HD 5670 Launch Review

The HD 5000 series hits the mid-range line-up today. For about $100 USD, you can get into DirectX 11, and enjoy what the HD 5000 series has to offer. Let's see what it is all about.
January 13th, 2010

VisionTek HD 5750 Review

A HD 5XXX series card for every user! Today we take a look at VisionTek's HD 5750. Can it stack up to the competition? Take a look, and find out.
January 5th, 2010

ASUS EAH5970 Review

There is a new king in town, and it goes by the name of the HD 5970. Join us as we take a look at Asus's version of the 5970, the EAH5970.
December 9th, 2009

MSI N240GT Review

The mid-range cards keep on coming! Not only is it 40nm, but you can crank up the voltage as well. Join us as we take a look at MSI's N240GT.
December 2nd, 2009

ATI Catalyst 9.11 New Features Analysis

The new Catalyst 9.11 drivers bring some new features to the table. Let's take a quick look at them.
November 22nd, 2009

Palit GT 240 Sonic Review

Who says all new cards are powerful? Nvidia takes another swing at the mainstream market with the 40NM GT240.
November 18th, 2009

ATI HD 5970 Review

This new dual-GPU king is ready to smash through any game you can throw at it. Is the GTX 295 done for? Are there any games this beast can't handle?
November 17th, 2009

Testing SLI on the NF980-G65

We recently tested the MSI NF980-G65 in our standard test platform. It's now time to slap two other GTX260s on it, to see some 3-Way SLI action!
November 16th, 2009

Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X Review

Sapphire applies some vapors and X's into getting the HD 5870 cool.
November 9th, 2009

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S (CE) Review

In the realm of racing games there are few challengers to the top seat of racing wheels; the Fanatec 911 Turbo S is the latest, packing 900 degree turning a 6+1 shifter and a full pedal set.
November 6th, 2009

Sapphire HD 5770 Review

The HD 5770 has the full HD 5000 series feature set, but sells for about half the price as the HD 5870. But is the performance trade-off worth it?
November 4th, 2009

XFX HD 5870 Review

XFX brings out the DirectX11 40nm firepower today with the XFX HD 5870.
October 28th, 2009

PowerColor HD 5750 Review

You don't need to spend $300 in order to get a DX11 capable card. Instead you can pick up a PowerColor 5750, and enjoy the benefits. How will this card perform? Let's find out!
October 19th, 2009

GPU Technology Conference '09

Neoseeker went down to California to check out Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference. We saw the launch of Fermi, some great looking 3D technology, augmented reality, the maturing of CUDA, and some other cool stuff.
October 12th, 2009

HD 5750 & HD 5770 Review

The quick introduction of the HD 5770/5750 is the second part of ATI's one-two combination punch to launch the new HD 5000 series. Selling for about $160 and $130 USD, these two cards have potential to catch a few stares.
October 12th, 2009

VisionTek Radeon HD 5870 Review

It seems as though our six months of wait are up. New video cards from ATI are coming, and we're starting with the 5870. How will this VisionTek HD 5870 stack up to the rest? Let's find out.
October 10th, 2009

Gigabyte GTX 260 Super Overclock Review

This isn't just a regular ole overclocked GTX 260 -- it's a Super Overclock card. Let's see how the extra clock push plays out in our tests.
October 7th, 2009

PowerColor Radeon HD 5870 Review

Make way for the next generation: the HD 5000 series from ATI. Today we'll take a look at the a big'n'bad HD 5870, from PowerColor, to see what's the new state of the GPU art.
October 5th, 2009

MSI R4890 Cyclone OC Review

MSI aims to blow you away with the OC'ed Cyclone's performance.
September 24th, 2009

PowerColor HD 4770 PCS Review

Today we'll be taking a look at a new HD 4770 video card from PowerColor. In addition to our regular benchmarks, we'll also run two HD 4770's in CrossFire, to see how they stack up against some of the fastest video cards available today.
September 2nd, 2009

VisionTek HD 4770 Review

GDDR5 memory keeps the frames flying in this HD 4770 video card from VisionTek, selling for about $100 USD.
August 20th, 2009

VisionTek HD 4890 OC Review

VisionTek invites cooling expert ZEROtherm to join the party this time around, with an overclocked rendition of the HD 4890.
August 7th, 2009

Sapphire Radeon HD4870 X2 Review

Is it worth purchasing ATI's flagship card the HD 4870 X2? Or is it easier to just purchase two HD 4870's for less?
July 20th, 2009

MSI N275GTX Twin Frozr OC Review

Last week, MSI impressed us with the N260GTX OC V3. Can they hit another one out of the park with the N275GTX OC Twin Frozr?
July 16th, 2009