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Earth 2150 Review

As part of the Eurasian Dynasty, United Civilized States, or Lunar Corporation, fight off the opposing forces as you gather enough resources to evacuate the Earth on a collision course with the Sun.
July 18th, 2000

Submarine Titans Hands-On Preview

Take a trip to the depths of the ocean and join the sole survivors of a cataclysmic impact from the massive Clark Comet. These two rivals are not alone though, for a third lifeform has come into the picture... one group of aliens who have emerged from the Comet.
July 5th, 2000

Warcraft III Hands On Preview

At E3, Blizzard Entertainment showed off Warcraft III, their highly anticipated 3D RTS, that continues the legacy of the Warcraft saga. Having seen, and played an alpha copy during the exhibition, Drew gives his take on what he experienced.
June 16th, 2000

Dogs of War Hands On Preview

Select your troops and vehicles and set off into a mission with total control of your field of view. It is up to you as a group of mercs, to hold off the Mantai as well as prevent the guys back home from stealing your previous SL18. Are you up for it?
June 9th, 2000

Star Wars: Force Commander Review

Take command of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire and lay waste to your enemies with units straight out of the Star Wars universe.
May 19th, 2000

Star Trek: Armada Review

Explore and pursue the ideals of the Federation, lead your Romulan armies to victory, guide the Borg collective and assimilate all in your path, or bring honour to the Klingons. Do you have what it takes to lead these races to victory in the first RTS to license the Star Trek theme?
May 15th, 2000

Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack Review

Feel the heat in Hidden & Dangerous with the new Action Pack. Perfect for those who have the itch to try their hand at H&D, the Action Pack combines the original H&D title with the H&D: Devil's Bridge expansion pack.
May 9th, 2000

Rogue Spear: Urban Operations Review

With the addition of new weapons, 5 new missions, bystanders and other mouth watering features, find out whether the add-on to the phenominally popular Rogue spear really deserves to be part of the Rainbow Six series.
April 28th, 2000