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8.2 / 10

Driving Speed Pro (PC) Review

Racing games are a rare breed on the PC, often lacking in major features found in their console counterparts. Today we catch a glimpse of Driving Speed Pro, bringing a balance of features and quality to the table.
February 26th, 2010

Scrap Metal (XBLA) Preview

We get a preview of Scrap Metal, the upcoming XBLA combat racing title, with Nick and Kees from Slick Entertainment.
February 12th, 2010

Modnation Racers (PS3) Preview

We take a look at the private beta for United Front Games' user content-driven racer Modnation Racers. Is it set to be a blast? Read on.
December 23rd, 2009

Wave Race: Blue Storm Review

It's been a while since we've last seen Wave Race, Nintendo's very own jet-ski racing game series. Sequel to Wave Race 64, Wave Race: Blue Storm is no less than a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, and not a bad one at that.
December 12th, 2001

Radio Control Racers Deluxe Review

The ultimate Christmas present for any young child out there would have to be a radio controlled racecar. I remember thinking to myself… “What? You can control the car from 10 feet away with a black box? How cool is that!” Be prepared to have a flashback from those carefree days, with 3D Ultra's Radio Control Racers Deluxe: Traxxas Edition. Best of all, you won’t have any disappointing hourly charge-ups, either.
November 23rd, 2000

Colin McRae Rally Review

Race off-road tracks with the help of an Aussie commentator as you travel the world racing different terrains, and scenic landscapes. With the release of this title long after the UK release, does it stack up to the other racing titles on the market? Find out!
June 5th, 2000