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HP Laserjet 1200 Review

The HP laserjet 1200 is a high-speed midrange laser printer with few of the frills, but all of the charm of an office or home HP printer. I’ve used HP printers for over 10 years and the 1200 offers the familiar feel of its long standing line of printers, with one of those new age, small footprint designs.
December 12th, 2001

Lexmark Z53 Review

Having reviewed virtually Lexmark’s entire Z line of printers, we’ve finally arrived at the current “flagship” consumer inkjet offered by Lexmark - the Z53. This printer $129US printer features the same general capabilities and 2400x1200dpi of the $99 Z43 with a faster 16ppm (black)/8ppm (colour) print speed.
October 10th, 2001

Lexmark Z43 Color Inkjet Printer Review

After having reviewed the impressive Z33 budget printer, we decided to take a look at some more of Lexmark’s offerings. Thus we were faced with the $99US Z43, which features a 2400x1200dpi for both black and white prints in all paper types. It also lays claim to a speedy 12ppm black and 6ppm color print speed.
September 28th, 2001

Lexmark Z33 Color Inkjet Printer Review

Although the Lexmark Z22 that we reviewed last week turned out some good results for its price class, it certainly was not a product to compare against the more mainstream midrange inkjets on the market. The Lexmark Z33 is STILL not at that level – instead, this modest inkjet printer hopes to fill the upper range of the budget niche, and manages to do so with impressive results.
August 16th, 2001

Lexmark Z22 Color Inkjet Printer Review

The Lexmark Z22 is a budget priced inkjet colour printer with specs that put it above and beyond it’s price class. Considering it’s low cost of around $50USD, the Z22 the offers an impressive 1200x1200dpi resolution in regular black and full colour prints.
August 9th, 2001

HP Photosmart 1218 Review

Being the literal dominating force in the printer market, HP has introduced quite a few printers that have garnered the company top marks. With their Photosmart 1218, HP hopes to cover all bases with a printer to satisfy photo and regular text printing, and in many ways, they succeeded where others have failed before.
June 28th, 2001

Epson Stylus Photo 890 Review

Epson’s Photo Stylus 890 is a newly released model that competes in the same arena as the Canon S800 that we reviewed previously. Like other current generation inkjet printers, the 890 sports a multi-ink system, and several advanced technologies to create lush coloured printouts that are perfect for framing.
June 20th, 2001

Canon S800 Colour Bubble Jet Photo Printer Review

Now that digital cameras are such a big thing, more and more amateur and do-it-yourself photographers are looking into their own, digital studio. And why not? It’s relatively easy, it’s fun, and it gives you a lot more creative and qualititative control over your pictures.
May 4th, 2001

Samsung QL-7050/N Laser Printer Review

The interest in a high-speed printer for the home and small office has been steadily on the rise, as the old adage “time is money” has become increasingly reflective of our often hectic lives. This could also be an extension of our love of more power and more speed – our CPUs are already past the Ghz mark, now let’s concentrate on speeding up everything else.
April 11th, 2001

Samsung ML-6060S Laser Printer Review

Samsung’s printer line-up consists primarily of three major series: the 4000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series. With our review of the ML-4500 a few weeks ago we’ve already seen what their budget 4000 series can do. Now we take a look at the more robust ML-6060S, which promises to push the envelope in small office performance and quality.
March 20th, 2001

Samsung ML-4500 Laser Printer Review

The Samsung ML-4500 is one of the cheapest 8ppm laser printers that you can get your hands on, and yet it offers some compelling features, a low cost-per page, and a fairly good print quality that wouldn’t shame your home or small office.
January 26th, 2001