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9 / 10

Divekick PS3 Review

With Divekick, Iron Galaxy shatters the marble statue that is the fighting game genre, then recreates it out of mud. You'll be laughing and having fun with it, too.
August 20th, 2013
9 / 10

Guacamelee PS3 Review

DrinkBox Studios revives a genre with Guacamelee, adding a little Mexican soul to the PlayStation 3 and Vita.
April 18th, 2013
7 / 10

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD PS3 Review

Capcom proves nothing is off limits to the "HD" treatment, as they resurrect a forgotten arcade fighter. Will JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD have enough fight to convince our reviewer to jump into the ring? Find out inside.
September 6th, 2012
6 / 10

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection PS3 Review

Capcom lets players relive the beginnings of their horror franchise with Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, a compilation of Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles. So how do these HD remakes stack up?
July 10th, 2012
7.0 / 10

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition (PS3) Review

A friendly bunch of androids battle each other to see who's the best fighter in this hybrid fighter/shoot-'em-up.
February 27th, 2011
4.0 / 10

Top Gun (PC) Review

Doublesix pays homage to the film and games of old -- but does it have the same classic appeal?
November 10th, 2010
4.0 / 10

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (PS3) Review

Sonic goes off on his own to explore new lands while Eggman follows in hot pursuit.
October 15th, 2010