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Space Empires IV Hands On Preview

The 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) genre is an old, established one, built on the achievements of classics like Stars! and Master of Orion. As years have passed, more features, better graphics, and multiplayer capabilities have been added. However, the core gameplay is still the same, despite these innovations. The emphasis has been on customizability and an ever expanding array of game options. Space Empires IV is the latest addition to this genre. It is highly customizable, has a broad and deep technology tree, and is blessed with a clean, streamlined interface.
September 25th, 2000

Terminus Review

Space sims have always been a fairly tight nitch market. Only recently game developers have been trying to persuade some of the mainstream gaming community to get involved in space sim games. This is usually accomplished by infusing different elements from other gaming types into the space sim environment. Allegiance was a game that successfully fused real-time strategy with a space sim. The result was a very satisfying game that could be enjoyed by strategy gamers and space sim players alike. Terminus is another game that attempts to melt together a space sim with other gaming styles in hopes of garnering a larger audience.
September 18th, 2000

Submarine Titans Review

In today’s RTS world, the term “strategy” is synonymous with the terms “clicking” and “scrolling”. Many a would-be general has haggled over endless hours spent babysitting individual units and relaying orders to dense AI. Such disenchanting titles as Dune 2000 and Corsairs has bred a new spat of spoon-fed gamers who wouldn’t be allowed to command a latrine, let alone a platoon, in the event of a real war.
September 13th, 2000

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

As human kind progresses through the years, advances in technology as well as in our tools of war take place. Many people do not know what kinds of civilizations existed before the more recent ones have settled & survived the test of time. Take a journey through the original societies that the world has evolved from, and learn how our ancestors laid victory over the lands they claimed. As we battled each other for territory, see how our peoples struggled for survival and ultimately dominance.
September 5th, 2000

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 Review

There's a new girl in town, and her name... is Julie. Aliens have broken through the defensive shield on Julie's world. It is up to you to kick some serious alien butt once again, and preserve the water of Eden, the source of infinite youth.
September 1st, 2000

Dogs of War Review

An introductory cut scene sets the stage for an exciting game about some alien reptilian creatures attacking a human outpost on a foreign planet somewhere in space. Combined with a funky soundtrack, the intro conveys the story behind Dogs of War as good as any FMV could. Additionally, the first publicly released screenshots of Dogs of War showed a promising real-time tactical strategy game with a very impressive 3D engine.
August 30th, 2000

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child Review

Third Law Interactive's Kiss Psycho Circus- The Nightmare Child is based on famous comic book writer Todd McFarlane's monthly comic "Kiss: Psycho Circus". Kiss: Psycho Circus chronicles the adventures of an unusual traveling circus. In the video game adaptation of the comic book we find that the members of Kiss waging war against evil.
August 28th, 2000

Mafia Preview

Mafia is a third-person mobster action game in development by Illusion Softworks, the same company that produced the atmospherically rich WWII combat sim Hidden & Dangerous. Mafia is set in the 1930's during the height of mobster infamy and prohibition-era bootlegging.
August 25th, 2000

Warlords: Battlecry Review

Warlords Battlecry is the first of the Warlords series to venture into the realm of real time strategy. Where the previous games have been turn based, the Battlecry incarnation seeks to incorporate many of the features found in the older games into the RTS genre.
August 22nd, 2000

Bang! Gunship Elite Review

Join the few and the proud… join the Gunship Elite. The war has taken a turn for the worse, and the Alliance is in desperate need of fighter pilots. The reserves have been depleted to a bare minimum as the enemy steps closer to victory. Dedicated men and women are needed to aid in this struggle against a wicked foe. No experience necessary.
August 14th, 2000

Icewind Dale Review

Travel to the Forgotten Realms to a time before that of Baldur's Gate, even before the time of the story of Icewind Dale... The time has come for you and your party to determine the future...
August 7th, 2000

Dark Reign 2 Review

"The graphics found in Dark Reign 2 is the area that Activision truly sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. I was truly taken back at times by the sheer beauty of the game. Everything in the game is completely 3d, and via clever use of lightmaps and particle effects. The developers did a great job in producing really awesome weather effects, as well as gargantuan and flowing waterfalls, that cascade down the sides of mountains."
August 3rd, 2000

Diablo II Review

Heaven and Hell have been in bitter conflict since the Beginning. The forces of both sides have raged in an eternal war that saw colossal casualties. The bloodshed only halted when mankind opened his eyes for the first time in the Garden of Eden. A breathless stalemate followed as both the angels and the daemons awaited man's decision. Which side would he choose?
July 31st, 2000

Max Payne Sneak Peak

In a world of corruption and murder, where no boundaries exist lies the lonely soul of Max Payne. Fight through forces of good and evil to achieve your task and claim retribution on all those who opposed. Insanity is not far away, and neither is liberation. Enter at your own risk.
July 27th, 2000

Soldier Hands On Preview

Based on the motion picture starring Kurt Russel, Soldier enters the third person action arena with Todd and Sandra. Sit down Lara, it's time for these two to kick some serious butt. Find out how the game plays, and whether the final product will do as well as the movie did at the box office, or perhaps a lot better? I should hope so...
July 25th, 2000

Earth 2150 Review

As part of the Eurasian Dynasty, United Civilized States, or Lunar Corporation, fight off the opposing forces as you gather enough resources to evacuate the Earth on a collision course with the Sun.
July 18th, 2000

Submarine Titans Hands-On Preview

Take a trip to the depths of the ocean and join the sole survivors of a cataclysmic impact from the massive Clark Comet. These two rivals are not alone though, for a third lifeform has come into the picture... one group of aliens who have emerged from the Comet.
July 5th, 2000

MDK 2 Review

It's time to save the world again from aliens, an all too familiar theme from a title with a familiar cast... Kurt, Max, and the Doctor are back and must rid the world of more alien scum. With your trusty sniper rifle, modified explosive toaster, and those crafty inventions, send the aliens packing!
June 30th, 2000

Everquest: Ruins of Kunark Review

With the addition of a new race - The Iksar, another continent, and bigger environments, explore the lands of Kunark in Everquest's Expansion Pack.
June 26th, 2000

Daikatana Review

As Hiro Miyamoto, you must retrieve the time-travelling Daikatana blade from a traitor. While Daikatana has been in the works for 4 years, does John Romero succeed in using the elderly Quake 2 engine to make a masterpiece?
June 23rd, 2000

Evolva Review

Take a trip to the unimaginable lands of Evolva where you will find beautiful landscapes, unusual creatures, and unique concepts. While trying to rid the galaxy of a deadly parasite, the player mutates and deforms (in real-time) according to the genes you have taken over after a battle. This is unlike any game on the market, and allows for practically an unlimited amount of different Geohunters to control throughout the game.
June 19th, 2000

Warcraft III Hands On Preview

At E3, Blizzard Entertainment showed off Warcraft III, their highly anticipated 3D RTS, that continues the legacy of the Warcraft saga. Having seen, and played an alpha copy during the exhibition, Drew gives his take on what he experienced.
June 16th, 2000

Martian Gothic Review

As part of a three person team of professionals, find out what happenned to the inhabitants of the Mars Base. You must seek out those clues to help your team discover the fate of your people.
June 12th, 2000

Dogs of War Hands On Preview

Select your troops and vehicles and set off into a mission with total control of your field of view. It is up to you as a group of mercs, to hold off the Mantai as well as prevent the guys back home from stealing your previous SL18. Are you up for it?
June 9th, 2000

Colin McRae Rally Review

Race off-road tracks with the help of an Aussie commentator as you travel the world racing different terrains, and scenic landscapes. With the release of this title long after the UK release, does it stack up to the other racing titles on the market? Find out!
June 5th, 2000