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Building Your Own PC: A Newbie?s Guide

Building a computer is actually much easier than most people would first assume. In fact, in most cases (no pun intended), you need very little computer experience to do it yourself. You will, however, need to be somewhat technically inclined as far as using your hands is concerned.
May 31st, 2002

AMI Hyperdisk 100 IDE RAID Controller Review

AMI is no small contender in the PC marketplace. They have been making great system BIOS chips for years –that’s where most will recollect the name :) however, they have had their hand in the pot of other PC products also. Among those are the new generation of IDE RAID controllers.
October 27th, 2000

Iwill ATA 100 IDE RAID Controller Card Review

Iwill has once again been one of the first on the market to show us the very latest in IDE RAID technology! The SIDE RAID 100 card shares many of the same features as its little brother the SIDE RAID 66. Running on the Highpoing HPT 370 chipset, it supports RAID levels 0, 1, and 0+1, and also a drive configuration with a funny name –JBOD (Just a bunch of drives).
August 24th, 2000

IDE RAID Card Roundup

IDE RAID card solutions are here, and they offer the promise of hardware based data redundancy and protection without the cost of a full blown SCSI setup. We've watched as IDE drives matured from ATA33 through onto ATA66, but can IDE based RAID solutions really make the grade? Join us as we pit 3 of the first IDE RAID cards in our head to head comparison.
June 8th, 2000