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Diamond Dual Band Wireless 802.11n Range Extender Review

If you need to fix a dead spot in your WiFi setup at home, Diamond's Wireless Range Extender just might do the trick at a low enough price.
September 24th, 2014

Hercules ePlug 85 Duo Review

Wireless networking can often be complicated to pair up or configure for a stable signal. Hercules introduces the ePlug system to use existing electrical outlets to transfer data at high speed.
April 6th, 2010

Bluetake BT210 / BT007x USB Printer Adapter

For SOHO users with laptops, the ability to move around the house and being able to print things is a great boone. Bluetake eliminates the USB cable from the computer to the printer with their USB Printer Adapter kit. For those happy with their current printers but envy the newer models that feature wireless printing may also want to see if Bluetake's offerings fit their needs.
July 22nd, 2004

Gigabyte GN-B49G Review

The ever diversifying Gigabyte produces a 802.11G Wireless Router and we take a look at how it stacks up against the likes of Microsoft and Linksys. Does the compact and sleek B49G keep up with its more established rivals? Are all wireless routers created equal? Only way to find out is to check out the review.
May 25th, 2004

Compex NetPassage 26G Wireless Router

Looking for a Wireless G router outside the mainstream brands that are stocked at the local computer superstore? Compex has an interesting product that does more than just routing- it can act like as a wireless USB print server and it has the ability to act as a wireless webcam server. Compex makes some different decisions regarding firmware upgrades that may be a sign of things to come from other manufacturers also. Come find out what all the hoopla is about.
March 26th, 2004

Compex NetPassage 16 Internet Gateway Review

Setting up a network in your home or office, and cluttering up the place with running wires and drilling holes everywhere? You’ve probably thought about using a wireless solution, as they are becoming more and more popular these days. Now that the technology has been around for a while, prices are dropping making it more affordable to invest in a wireless solution.
April 11th, 2002

Compex 11Mbps Wireless Network Review

In the world of networking, Compex is a relative unknown. In spite of having been around since 1987, this company has yet to find the spotlight that other sideline players have captured. And it’s not because of a lack of products – indeed, Compex has a line-up as complete as most of the other mainstream players. Today, we’re taking a look at their WavePort Series of 11Mbps wireless LAN products.
August 24th, 2001

SOHOware CableFREE NetBlaster II Review

Wireless is the wave of the future. Or so we have been told. In the every day working world it?s not obvious, but technology is ever moving towards the day when wireless communication and networking become easier to integrate into the work and home environment. Right now the products to wirelessly network your office or home are already on the market.
June 14th, 2001

SOHOware BroadGuard Secure Cable/DSL Router Review

DSL/Cable routers have become big business. I know of several networking companies who owe a large chunk of their revenue growth to these routers, and that’s why we’re seeing a lot more companies coming out with routers that even compete favorably against the Linksys router, which was the lowest priced of all routers for a time. The SOHOware BroadGuard NBG800 Secure Router is one such new entry.
March 9th, 2001

SMC Barricade 4-Port Internet Router Review

Last time we looked at internet routers with integrated hubs/switches, we did a comprehensive roundup of 5 different routers from some of the better known companies in the business. Unfortunately, because the companies could not send in their products in time, we missed out on Netgear’s 314 router, and SMC’s Barricade, the latter of which we cover.
January 10th, 2001

4-Port Internet Router Roundup

Now that high speed or broadband internet is being made available in more and more areas, people are beginning to jump onto the next wave of internet access with super high speed throughputs and ultra low latency and ping times. Because most households that have computers tend to have more than one computer, home networking has also jumped up significantly in the last two years. These two explosions go hand in hand today, since high speed internet is perfect for sharing with multiple computers in the household or small office.
September 21st, 2000

NIC Card Roundup

As more and more consumers setup their own home or office network, they need to read up a little bit on which NIC cards are best suited to their needs. Our Roundup of 8 cards allows you to do this in one swoop. The roundup includes: the Asante FriendlyNET 595, CNET Pro200, CNET Pro 200WL,Linksys NC100, Linksys LNE 100 TX, Dlink DFE-530TX, Netgear FA 310TX, and the Adaptec ANA 62011TX.
July 7th, 2000