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Belkin Onmiview 4 Port KVM Switch Review

Like many computer owners these days, I now have more than one computer. These secondary systems serve many purposes, including operating system and application software testing, firewalls, and as a file/print servers. I have a limited amount of space in my work area and having an extra monitor/keyboard/mouse and other peripherals for four systems for really clutter up the place.
April 2nd, 2002

Belkin Firewire USB Combo Card Review

If you’ve read the Aten Firewire card review, you’ll know that I am a fan of Firewire (IEEE 1394); if not solely for the bandwidth, for the ease of use as well. It’s no secret that SCSI outperforms Firewire on several fronts, but IEEE 1394 is much easier to configurw and work with, which is more important for less experienced user (or for those fed-up with their tools impeding their productivity).
May 31st, 2001

IOGEAR MiniView PC 2-port KVM Switch Review

I run a pretty hectic life and I find that sometimes it is the most simple of devices that brings the most enjoyment. Many power users can sympathize: two computer systems running in one small working area with only one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to go around… not a happy scene in any camper’s mind. The constant plugging and unplugging between systems is enough to drive any sane individual to move into a secluded shaft nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains.
February 15th, 2001