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Razer DeathAdder Review

Today we look at a gaming mouse, from gamer-friendly company Razer. The DeathAdder recently had an upgrade, and we'll take it through the paces to see what it is all about.
December 1st, 2009

Cooler Master Storm Sentinel & Tactics Review

One of the keys to a successful gaming experience is making sure you're using the right tools. A quick, precise and comfortable mouse and mousepad can go a long way.
October 15th, 2009

OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse Review

Every gamer needs an accurate, fast and comfortable gaming mouse to perform at its best during lengthy and intense sessions. Let's see if OCZ's latest mouse, the Behemoth, is up to this daunting task.
September 30th, 2009

Enermax Crystal Keyboard

We all have to type, and this keyboard is happens to be one of the best a I've come across in years. The Enermax Crystal is one of those things that you'll have to take a second look at. With its unique design and most solid of fabrication, the Enermax Crystal is a great addition to any system. Take a read, see if the Enermax Crystal is right for you, because you just might like it.
July 19th, 2006

A4 Tech NB-30 Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse Review

The NB-30 is the world's first battery-less wireless mouse. Come inside to see how it performs.
December 23rd, 2004

ZBoard Gaming Keyboard

The Zboard is billed as The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard. What makes the Zboard interesting is the ability to swap out keysets so that the end user is not using a keyboard that is configured for a shooter while trying to type in Windows. Ideazon manages to build a very good keyboard for the desktop but how well does an alternate button scheme work for gaming?
August 16th, 2004

Bluetake I-PHONO Cordless Headphone Review

Combining style and function, Bluetake's unique cordless headphones double as a Bluetooth headset for your Bluetooth capable cell phone.
August 4th, 2004

Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetake, a wireless specialty company that is an offshoot of Thermaltake passes along our way a Bluetooth mouse and receiver. We takes a look at how well this midget of a mouse performs. Impressive paper specs include a 800DPI resolution as well as a 30 ft range. Take a look at how well it actually performs in a real world test
March 1st, 2004

Belkin Onmiview 4 Port KVM Switch Review

Like many computer owners these days, I now have more than one computer. These secondary systems serve many purposes, including operating system and application software testing, firewalls, and as a file/print servers. I have a limited amount of space in my work area and having an extra monitor/keyboard/mouse and other peripherals for four systems for really clutter up the place.
April 2nd, 2002

Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer Review

Logitech was first to market with a mouse that was both wireless, and optical. Their wireless MouseMan Optical is to date one of my favourite mice thanks to its ergonomic design, cordless convenience, and precision control. But just because Logitech got the jump on Microsoft didn’t mean they had won the game just yet, so it was no surprise that Microsoft would come tearing down the peripherals straightaway with the Porsche of cordless mice: the all-new Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer.
December 25th, 2001

Belkin Nostromo n50 & Nostromo n30 Review

Belkin is a company that manufactures a lot of products that can be found in many a computer stores' accessories section. They make everything from wrist pads, mouse pads, armrests…. almost every accessory out there. Until recently, Belkin had not been active in the gaming industry and its many related products. But now, Belkin steps into the gaming grounds with its new line of Nostromo line of products, not one but five – everything from "game pads" to "Speedpads". Two products I have for review today are just two of the complete gaming line of Nostromo products, the n50 Speedpad and the n30 GameMouse.
December 11th, 2001

AOpen R-25W Wireless Mouse Review

With names like Logitech and Microsoft dominating the market for input devices, it’s easy to overlook that a lot of other companies offer some highly affordable and competitive products. In the case of pointing devices, AOpen’s new R-25W wireless mouse is one product that’s been overlooked by the media, but as we came to find, it should be given consideration as a mouse for gamers and regular users alike.
July 23rd, 2001

AOpen KB-Media Keyboard Review

Since my review of the Logitech iTouch multimedia keyboard, I’ve been getting some queries regarding different brands of keyboards which include additional function keys. So it was with some interest when I was presented with AOpen’s KB-Media.
July 10th, 2001

Belkin Firewire USB Combo Card Review

If you’ve read the Aten Firewire card review, you’ll know that I am a fan of Firewire (IEEE 1394); if not solely for the bandwidth, for the ease of use as well. It’s no secret that SCSI outperforms Firewire on several fronts, but IEEE 1394 is much easier to configurw and work with, which is more important for less experienced user (or for those fed-up with their tools impeding their productivity).
May 31st, 2001

Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical Review

In late March, Logitech announced that they would be shipping the world’s first cordless optical mouse: the Cordless MouseMan Optical. It was a ripe time for the announcement since the public was beginning to wonder just when a company would marry the two coolest advances in mousing technology into a single product. People were also beginning to ask whether they should buy a cordless mouse, for convenience, or an optical mouse, for accuracy and reliability. Which is what makes the cordless optical such a cool option: you don’t have to choose between two of the hottest technologies, you can get both in one package.
May 9th, 2001

IOGEAR MiniView PC 2-port KVM Switch Review

I run a pretty hectic life and I find that sometimes it is the most simple of devices that brings the most enjoyment. Many power users can sympathize: two computer systems running in one small working area with only one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to go around… not a happy scene in any camper’s mind. The constant plugging and unplugging between systems is enough to drive any sane individual to move into a secluded shaft nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains.
February 15th, 2001

Siemens ID Mouse Review

The Siemens ID Mouse is one of the first devices to integrate the FingerTIP sensor technology to provide biometric security for any Windows based system (drivers and extensive PDF documentation are included for Win98, Win NT, and Win2K). Identification is based on the biometric characteristics of your fingerprint, called minutiae, which acts as a unique identifier for each person.
January 31st, 2001

Microsoft Strategic Commander Review

With its Sidewinder line of gaming peripherals, Microsoft offers everything from traditional joysticks and steering wheels for simulation fans, to tilt pads for arcade addicts, and now an accessory for the RTS gamer. The Strategic Commander, as they’ve christened it, certainly fits in with the average desktop. If anything, it looks like a black mouse for the left hand. Southpaws take note: this is most definitely not a mouse replacement. Unless you can use the mouse with your right hand, this product is not for you. That little issue aside, how does it perform? Will this baby help your game? Read on and find out.
January 24th, 2001

Saitek Cyborg 3D USB Gold Review

Saitek’s Cyborg controller line is one of their more aptly named series of products. If you’ve ever seen one of the Cyborg joysticks in a print ad before, you’ll know what I mean when I say they look like exquisitely designed, ultra modern implements of gaming death.
November 21st, 2000

Non-Force Feedback Race Wheel Roundup

Games are all about immersion and fun. We don’t have the technology to go full VR, so we turn to the next best thing: immersion through ever more realistic graphics, better sounding effects and music, and realistic gaming peripherals that take us and put us literally in a position closer to that of the jet pilot or race jock. Race wheels take you just that one step closer to being there in the rollcage and roaring down the race track.
October 12th, 2000

VRJoy Airstik 2000 Review

VR Standard has come up with a device that combines a tiltpad & joystick in one single product. The Airstik 2000 is a joystick which the user can remove the stick portion of the joystick from the base and use it as a tiltpad. Anthony discusses what this baby can do.
September 8th, 2000

Tilt Pad Roundup

Game pads aren't the same old same old anymore, not with new accelerometer technology allowing new pads to detect actual tilt motion and translate those into game input. Join us as we explore just how good these pads are, as we round up tilt pads from 4 major commpanies.
July 14th, 2000

Cordless Wheel Mouse Roundup

Cordless mice are now into their second and third generations with digital radio technology replacing infrared. Companies claim that these mice perform like existing mice, but can these new age devices replace your faithful corded companion?
July 3rd, 2000

Logitech and Microsoft Internet Keyboard Showdown

Internet Keyboards boast special keys which are said to enhance your internet browsing experience and allow convenient access to commonly used functions. Do these pumped up keyboards really have any practical application, or do they add nothing other than some fancy buttons that add little to the keyboard workspace? Neoseeker takes you through the paces on Internet Keyboards from Logitech and Microsoft.
June 14th, 2000