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Cooler Master USNA95 Notebook Charger Review

Cooler Master attempts to address power adapter issues by offering the best of both worlds - a thin design, with continuous 95W power delivery and an efficiency of up to 90%.
December 9th, 2010

Microcool NorthPole

How hardcore are you? Are you crazy enough to solder stuff on your motherboard to juice up the northbridge voltage so you can crank your FSB up just that little bit more? If so, the Microcool NorthPole is right up the alley of the extremist and must be checked out.
January 16th, 2004

Speed Strip SSA-1 Review

AMD Athlon overclocking is always a tricky game. Many things can be done to speed up processors but many come at the possible cost of the processor itself by using soldiering techniques or whatnot to unlock the potential of the CPU. Speed Strip LLC in these times has come up with a patent pending strip to add onto the bottom of some of these Thoroughbred and Barton core cpu's functioning with the AXDA design. The SSA-1 is the first to a possible line of unlocking strips for these processors.
November 5th, 2003

Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit Review

I remember back when not even CPUs had heatsinks: back in the day they sat bare to the world, but as technology and speeds increased eventually they became to the overclocker and then ubiquitous and even required. Next came video card cooling as tweakers tried to force out the last ounce of power from their graphics chips; now even motherboard chipsets have cooling on them to allow for more stability at higher speeds.
June 4th, 2001