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Core 2 Duo E6750 Review & Extreme Overclock to 3.8GHz - 1333MHz comes of age

Does a 1333MHz FSB really help? YOU BET! Especially if you're a gamer.
August 2nd, 2007

65nm vs. 90nm: AMD's Athlon 64 X2 5000+

We take a look at the 65nm variant of the 5000+ AM2 chip and compare its overclocking potential, power consumption and overall performance to its 90nm cousin, and several similarly priced Core2Duo chips. You want to check this article out because we found some surprising things when comparing the 65nm 5000+ and the E6300 its meant to compete against.
June 4th, 2007

Intel's Penryn & Nehalem - will Nehalem be the 'Death of the General Purpose CPU'?

Intel spills some beans on its upcoming architectures
March 28th, 2007

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Review and Overclocking Analysis

Intel has released a budget Core 2 Duo processor. Will it become an enthusiasts favorite? Will it be a great overclocker? Read our review and find out!
February 22nd, 2007

Core 2 Quad Extreme Launch and QX6700 Review

Let's see how the world's first Quad Core processor stacks up - we take an indepth look at the QX6700!
November 1st, 2006

AMD X2 4200EE Review

We take a look at AMD's energy efficient processor and see how it performs both for enthusiasts and the regular user. Just how well does this CPU overclock, and what does its EE rating mean for you?
October 5th, 2006

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Review

We've already covered the higher end E6700 and entry level E6300/E6400, but just as many people are interested in the midrange E6600. So what happens when you combine the E6700's 4MB L2 cache with a price tag more appealing to the masses? Come find out.
September 19th, 2006

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 & E6400 Review

The Core 2 Duo is an amazing enthusiast chip, but more has been explored with the 4MB L2 cache E6600 and E6700 than has been done with the higher end Core 2's. How well does Intel's 2MB L2 cache E6300 and E6400 stack up?
September 7th, 2006

Core 2 Duo Launch & E6700 Review

After much speculation and many previews Intel's wonder child, codenamed 'Conroe', is widely unveiled. We take a look at the architecture, benchmark performance, overclockability, and power consumption of a Core 2 Duo 6700 - does it live up to the hype?
July 14th, 2006

Athlon FX-62 Review

We take a look at AMD's Socket AM2 flagship processor - and put it through its paces.
July 12th, 2006

AMD Opteron 170 Review

Neoseeker reviews the Opteron 170 from AMD and puts it through its paces, proving it to be far more than a standard 'server' chip.
June 13th, 2006

Socket AM2: Athlon 64 X2 5000+

AMD is launching their new AM2/DDR2 platform today. We take an Athlon 64 X2 5000+ through its paces, comparing it to the previous Socket 939 family as well as some fierce competitors from the Intel side -- and then we overclock it. Come check out AMD's exciting new entrance into the DDR2 realm!
May 23rd, 2006

65nm Dual Core: The Pentium D 930

Today we look at Intel's 65nm dual core processor, the D 930. How does it stack up? Read the review, and find out!
April 28th, 2006

Budget Dual-Core Goodness - Pentium D 805

Today we take a look at Intel's budget dual core processor to see how it stacks up ... and how far we can overclock the sucker.
April 13th, 2006

Intel Pentium D 840 Review

Today we take a look at Intel's dual core 840 processor... and we find out how far we can overclock it with water cooling :-)
January 27th, 2006

AMD FX-60 Review

We take a look at AMD's latest extreme performance processor - the new dual core FX-60!
January 10th, 2006

Sempron 3400+ Review

Our review of one of AMD's Socket 754 offerings, the 64 bit capable Sempron 3400+ unveils how the Socket 754 Sempron family performs against its more espensive Socket 939 brethren.
December 23rd, 2005

AMD Athlon 64 3800+ X2 Review

We take a look at AMD's most affordable dual core processor and see how it stacks up.
October 12th, 2005

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ Review

We've got our hands on an Athlon 64 4000+ processor, based on the San Diego core, and we torture test it in order to see how well it can perform!
October 4th, 2005

Intel Pentium 4 670

We have the fastest-clocked Pentium 4 in existence up on the review bench today. Come see how the fastest single-core Pentium 4 stacks up against the competition!
June 17th, 2005

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

A new era of computing is upon us, and it is that of dual-core processing. Come check out Neoseeker's review of AMD's entry-level dual-core processor, the Athlon 64 X2 4200+!
May 25th, 2005

Athlon 64 Venice 3800+ Review

AMD is finally transitioning its high end parts into the 90nm manufacturing space along with some architectural improvements with notable changes to the memory controller. We take a look at the 3800+ and pit it against the Winchester and some of Intel's offerings.
May 3rd, 2005

Study of Athlon 64 Overclocking Techniques

With 112 test results under our belt, we investigate the performance differences between different Athlon 64 overclocking techniques. Is HTT link speed all that it's cracked up to be? What about memory dividers? Come and find out in today's guide.
March 30th, 2005

2500+ Mobile Barton Overclocking and Benchmark Results

Many sounded the death knell for overclocking when one of the overclocking stalwarts, AMD, started locking their massively popular Athlon XP chips. The 2500+ remained a popular product however with the ease it hit 3200+ speeds with a simple FSB adjustment. However, the king may yet live in the form of the 2500+ Mobile, a lower volted version of the 2500+ that is also conviniently multiplier unlocked. Those in the market still for an Athlon XP chip may want to hold off purchasing decisions until after reading through this article.
March 16th, 2004

Intel P4 3.2Ghz Review

It doesn't feel like too long has passed since the introduction of the P4 'C' family, indeed, it's only been around 2 months, but this particular release was to be expected since Intel has to capitalize on its performance lead over AMD. True, AMD's 3200+ with 400Mhz FSB (200Mhz core) has already made it's debut and is now widely available, but the consensus amongst reviewers is that the 2.2Ghz 3200+ is really not a huge step forward for AMD. AMD did indeed outmaneuvre Intel by releasing their "3.2Ghz" class chip ahead of Intel's 3.2Ghz 'C', but we think you might be a little more impressed with Intel's release than with AMD's.
June 23rd, 2003