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Swiftech MCX462-V Review

A variation on the hedgehog type cooler from Swiftech, the MCX462 is a HUGE cooler with a non-standard clip mechanism and support for both 80mm and 92mm fans.
November 5th, 2003

Speed Strip SSA-1 Review

AMD Athlon overclocking is always a tricky game. Many things can be done to speed up processors but many come at the possible cost of the processor itself by using soldiering techniques or whatnot to unlock the potential of the CPU. Speed Strip LLC in these times has come up with a patent pending strip to add onto the bottom of some of these Thoroughbred and Barton core cpu's functioning with the AXDA design. The SSA-1 is the first to a possible line of unlocking strips for these processors.
November 5th, 2003

Thermaltake X-Blower Review

Thermaltake these days seems to be a company that comes to mind instantly off of the minds of many cooling enthusiasts. The lineup has grown so much from the initial Volcano series of coolers into case fans, case accessories or well even cases of their own creation complete with their own system for cooling it. No matter what Thermaltake has grown to take on all aspects of cooling in search of the ideal solution for each end user. Today we get to bring to all of you the X-Blower system. A combination cooling solution to upgrade current heatsink intake fans and add an exhaust port blower fan that pulls hot air away from above and below the cpu area.
November 5th, 2003

Dynapower Spiden Case Review

Featuring a spider theme design for its side and top windows, the Spiden case has a few other features that might interest someone in the market for a "pre-modded" case.
October 28th, 2003

Dynatron C42 and C62 cooler review

Check out these two coolers from Dynatron: both the C42 and C62 are rated up to 3200+, but the C62 takes it further by keeping you cool while pushing your chip to its limits.
October 14th, 2003

Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A

With dimensions of 20.9" X 8.1" X 20.5", the first obvious impression is big, Very Big. When I picked up this "Very Big" case and was impressed with how light it was for a case this size. Made almost entirely of aluminum, this case comes in at a very impressive 8.5 kg without power supply. When it comes to appearance the V2000A stands out very nicely.
August 12th, 2003

AOpen H340D Small Form Factor Case

A few months ago when Small Form Factor (SFF) was all the craze, we did a small shootout of three boxes. If you remember, we had MSI, FIC, & Shuttle SFF boxes. What we have for you today is a SFF case from AOpen called the H340D. It resembles the FIC Samba box we looked at during the shootout.
March 6th, 2003

Thermaltake Volcano 9 Coolmod Review

ThermalTake is arguably one of the best success stories in the world of mod suppliers. We've had a long relationship with the company and have seen their reputation grow as quickly as their product line. We've used the Volcano 7+ for a long time in various systems, but recently we've started to use Volcano 9's in most of our benchmark test beds. Today we're looking at the "CoolMod" version of the Volcano 9, which differs from the original Volcano 9 only in an aesthetic fashion.
January 31st, 2003

Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Case Review

After our review of the Chenming File Server case, which was a basic barebones case with few frills, we thought we would cover something at the other end of the extreme: one of the more loaded cases that you can buy today. We're talking about the Thermaltake Xaser II line of cases.
December 30th, 2002

Chenming Fileserver Case Review

Behold the Chenming File Server case from ColdConcept. This case sports many of the features that made the Antec Performance Plus 880 an Editor's Choice winner, but with the promise of the low cost one would expect from a "generic" brand case. We love Antec cases, and we love this case too.
December 10th, 2002

OCZ Goliath 2 SE Review

OCZ needs no introduction. The last time we benchmarked one of OCZ’s HSF, it smoked the competition. This time OCZ has a new HSF called the Goliath 2 SE. Warning! This is one big HSF so without further delays here are the specs.
August 14th, 2002

Antec Performance Plus880 Case Review

There are several main concerns for computer enthusiasts looking for a case: durability, heat properties, airflow, potential for mods, and ease of use/access. An oft overlooked property in case design is the amount of noise of produced by the case fans and the power supply. While specialty manufacturers like Lian-Li have offered cases solving a number of the heat related issues, few offer an “out of the box” case that addresses the issue of noise – until Antec announced their “Performance Plus” series of cases.
July 17th, 2002

Lian Li PC-50 Aluminum Tower Review

Aluminum cases have taken the computer community by storm. Over the past couple of years, such cases have become more and more popular among custom PC builders and gamers all over the world. Although there are considerable advantages of an aluminum case, suffice it to say that price is the only thing holding the common computer user from purchasing these cases.
July 4th, 2002

Coolermaster ATC-210-VX2 Case Review

Most of you have probably already heard of aluminum cases. In fact, some of you might have already jumped on the aluminum case bandwagon. But for those looking for or intending to buy one in the future, I’ve got one for you to look at today.
June 12th, 2002

P4 Cooler Shootout

Modern day CPUs are capable of producing more heat than a toaster. Because of this, CPU coolers are necessary to prevent your $300 CPU from frying. Without proper cooling, a CPU could easily burn out in less than ten seconds. We will look at several coolers for the Intel Pentium 4 processor of the 478-pin variety.
April 26th, 2002

ClearPC Case Review

PC consumers nowadays look for quite a few specific elements in a case before they are ready to buy. There are the esthetics of the case, i.e. the look, as well as the features that the case has to offers inside. The ClearPC Case offers the consumer a flashy look, but does it stand up inside the box?
April 5th, 2002

AVC Copper Skived Cooler Review

With all of the newer technologies and components that are arriving now, cooling solutions are becoming more and more important. Almost every computer that you buy now comes with an extra case fan, most of the video cards come with heat sinks and fans built onto them and cooling solutions for your ram are being heard of more and more. Hard drives are getting faster and therefore hotter and the all-important CPU is of course getting faster and still needs a reliable cooling solution.
January 28th, 2002

Lite-On FS020 Full Tower Review

Visual appearance might be important when we choose computer case, but we should not forget about its function. Case’s main function is to be a home for you PC. That means it should make your PC be comfortable and relativity safe. Comfortable means that the case should provide all the necessary specification (power supply, fan, airflow, etc.) that your PC requires. It also has to provide enough protection for your system. The Liteon FS020 with its solid frame is one of the best cases for that category. The case is a Tower case with a lot of open space to work on. It also has one big fan and there are 3 more places to put additional fan.
January 24th, 2002

OCZ Dominator 2 Review

I have the privilege to test another one of OCZ’s products. This time it’s a heat sink fan. I have to say that OCZ has had a long-standing record of producing top quality product so I shouldn’t be disappointed by its performance. The question here is that new XP AMD processors above 1.4Ghz are heating up much faster than the K6 series.
January 8th, 2002

AMK Lian Li PC-67 Aluminum Case Review

If you haven’t played with an aluminum case in person yet it’s really quite something different. Not only are they amazingly great looking, they have awesome heat conductivity and are many times lighter then regular cases. Lian-Li is one of those notable computer chassis manufacturers now known for their alluring aluminum computer cases. They make an entire lineup of aluminum PC cases for just about any type of use.
December 21st, 2001

Power Cooler PCH137 Review

CPU cooling is literarily the hottest topic in the PC market. AMD’s new processors above 1.4Ghz will need all the cooling it’s going to get. Especially, overclocking fans who push the limits of their cores will definitely need more powerful fans and specially designed heat sinks.
October 22nd, 2001

Spire 5T060B1H3R Socket Cooler Review

Spire has come a long way to come up with a CPU cooler that fits the needs of today’s CPU cooling requirements. Their product 5T060B1H3R, named the “Big Rock”, is an oversized Aluminium heat sink monster with a 4200RPM fan.
October 17th, 2001

Antec SX-1240 Full Tower Review

Despite their apparent lackluster appearance, computer chassis are actually one of my favourite system components. Think about it – the case is the visual representation of your computer (and physical one too, for the most part), so it’s important for it to not only function well (in terms of accessibility, airflow, etc…), but to look good as well.
September 7th, 2001

Antec JetCool Socket 370 Cooler Review

Antec, a company known for their solid housing products such as the SX-830 we reviewed & the SX-1240 we just got in, has just released their JetCool line of heatsink fans to the retail market. The JetCool line is comprised of three HSFs: the Athlon (Socket A) Cooler, the P4 (Socket 423) Cooler, and finally the P3 (Socket 370) version which we’re taking a look at today.
August 29th, 2001

Zalman Tech CNPS3100 Cooler Review

Probably having one of the more striking looks in the cooler market today, these Zalman coolers order up a sexy brew of CPU cooling magic (I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good :] ). Although at first site it appears to be a fan-less wonder, there certainly is are spinning fins involved – they are just not attached to the heatsink as you’ll see.
August 15th, 2001