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PowerColor Power Jack Review

This small product fits under large graphics cards and with the adjustable height can support the back end. This puts the excess weight onto the Power Jack and will reduce the stain of the PCIE slot.
August 4th, 2010

Kool Solutions Chill Vent

Big Blue makes an appearance in our labs. No not IBM, but Kool Solutions' big and blue CPU cooling apparatus; a novel venting system. The rationale behind the Chill Vent is sound but how does it perform?
February 4th, 2004

CaseAce Gear Grip CRT Review

Are you finding yourself constantly moving your monitor from room to room? How about to those LAN parties all the way across town? Moving 30 plus pounds of dead weight while avoiding cables trying to claim the life of you and your monitor is not a simple task. If you are in need of a saviour, then the CaseAce GearGrip-CRT may be the answer to your prayers.
June 18th, 2001

ATEN IC-1394 Firewire PCI Card Review

Firewire is currently the hot ticket interface in the multimedia world and has been for some time. This isn’t surprising considering Firewire, which is also known as IEEE 1394, was developed by Apple – the kings of audio / video computing – and has a maximum data transfer throughput of 400Megabits/s or 50Mbytes/s. This is leagues faster than USB which maxes out at 12Mb/s or 1.5MB/s – no wonder why those USB webcams can be so jerky.
May 10th, 2001

CaseAce GearGrip Pro Review

Even before I was into network gaming, before 10/100 NIC cards started becoming a household item, I was already moving my computer from my house, to those of my friends. Moving a computer has always been a chore. The case is not the easiest thing to move, and once you pile on your cables, your keyboard, your mouse, and any CD-ROM discs or other myriad accessories you might want to bring, you are talking about a very large, very bulky, and very unstable tower of equipment.
October 5th, 2000