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Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

This new product promises to herald "the dawn of audio as a weapon", but can such a headset really reproduce lifelike surround sound? Find out in our review!
July 13th, 2010

ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player Review

A media player!? Despite diving into the tech world every day, this type of device was not on my radar. What is this little black box capable of? Let's find out.
February 10th, 2010

gorillapod SLR Review

It's a tripod; it's flexible; it can hang with a heavy camera from almost anything! We take a look at the Joby gorillapod SLR and see how it stacks up in the wild.
October 31st, 2009

Zune HD Preview

NVIDIA and Microsoft launched a series of public previews across the US and we managed to sneak and try the newest media player into the touchscreen war.
August 28th, 2009

Samsung YEPP YP-700H MP3 Player

The YEPP YP-700 Digital Audio Player from Samsung is one of the latest in Samsung's line of YEPP players. Besides the standard features that come with portable MP3 players these days, this device comes with 128MB of built in memory, an FM Tuner, voice recorder, expandable memory slot, and an extended battery pack for when the Ni-MH rechargeable battery is used up (think of it as an emergency power supply : ).
July 25th, 2002

Stereo Link 1200 Review

Ever try to crank your favorite songs from your computer on your state of the art home stereo system just to find out they sounded a tiny bit better then your itty bitty computer speakers? Well you think to yourself, “It has to be because my computer speakers are just THAT good… Maybe that “state-of-the-art” subwoofer is just making my computer speakers sound that good? Unfortunately, you’re just kidding yourself.
March 21st, 2002

RCA Lyra 2 Portable MP3 Player Review

A number of larger sized MP3 players have been staking claim to various advantages depending on the price of the product and its make. A few players offer larger storage capacity, some offer fancy displays, some offer compact size and some offer versatility [i.e. Radio functionality, multiple formats for playback].
January 30th, 2002

RCA Kazoo Review

Consumers have been assaulted by the overly competitive MP3 player marketplace in recent months and very little has made its way to stand out in the forefront. However, to some avail a few MP3 players still using built-in memory or smart media cards have made a name for themselves due to their advantage of being smaller and furthermore trendy. These smaller portable devices are easy to tuck away and forget about but yet are able to retain the same qualities of common portable CD players and larger MP3 players.
January 23rd, 2002

Kenwood DPC-MP922 Portable MP3 CD Player Review

We all know MP3's are here to stay even with the fall of the once popular Napster. But do MP3 CD players have what it takes to stick around with the new devices out there today? I'm thinking about the iPod and Nomad in particular. These 2 devices have changed the landscape of MP3 playing, in the portable sense.
January 17th, 2002

Digisette DUO-64 MP3 Player Review

To most, being “two-faced” is an undesirable trait to have. However, in the Digisette Duo-64’s case, it is more than a welcomed attribute. The Duo-64 functions both as a personal MP3 player and a self-contained MP3 cassette adapter – all in one.
December 19th, 2001

Terratec M3Po Go MP3/CD Player Review

As another contender in the MP3/CD player market, TerraTec approaches as a relative newcomer. It’s only been founded in 1994, but already it is one of the largest sound card manufacturers in Germany. TerraTec’s latest offering is the M3Po Go, a MP3/CD disc player, which plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs.
November 29th, 2001

Samsung YEPP YP-30S Review

The Samsung YEPP YP-30S design is more suggestive of a futuristic pocket watch. The circular, easy-to-read LCD on the face of the unit even shows the date and time.
November 5th, 2001

AVC Soul DMP01 Portable MP3 Player

The AVC Soul MP3 Player looks like a typical portable CD player. However, this player has the capability to play normal CDs, MP3s, WMAs, and ASFs format on Regular CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs. This versatility makes this player a good alternative to SonicBlue's competing RioVolt player.
October 31st, 2001

Olympus DM-1 Digital Voice Recorder

Unlike most other units, the Olympus DM-1 digital voice recorder and music player is actually targeted at corporate consumers, moving away from the already densely populated mainstream MP3 market. It is touted as a voice recorder, first, setting its sights at dictation oriented consumers.
October 1st, 2001

Xitel DG2 MDPort Review

Aficionados and stalwart supporters of the MiniDisc format have long been using their MD’s to record MP3 compilations… but until now the options were limited to either analogue recording, or else digital recordings on soundcards equipped with digital outputs. Sure, the superb Xitel AN1 gave astoundingly clear transfers in spite of being an analogue recording device, but some audiophiles and enthusiasts insist on digital recordings.
September 21st, 2001

Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder Review

When I first put my hands on the new Olympus DW-90 digital voice recorder I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I was more familiar associating Olympus with cameras than digital recorders. And second, I didn’t fully understand why anyone would want to spend money on a digital recorder over just a regular cheap tape recorder?
September 12th, 2001

SONICblue Riovolt Review

Designed with a futuristic flare, the Riovolt is sleek in its silver and blue colour scheme. The main controls are all located on the top face of the player. Arrayed around the backlit 2-line LCD display are controls for song navigation, EQ settings, play mode, volume control, navigation menu, and more.
August 10th, 2001

Samsung Yepp YP-NDU Review

The new year has come and gone, and with it are a new generation of different MP3 portable players. Some of you may recall that Samsung was one of the first companies to produce a high-end player several months ago, when they introduced their Yepp E64 player. Because the E64 was such a beautiful and impressive player, we were eager to see what innovations its successor, the YP-NDU, would bring to the masses.
April 25th, 2001


With the boom of MP3 usage in the past couple of years, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are migrating pre-existing audio products from conventional means to support MP3s and other audio files. Companies are ever-trying to make their portable MP3 players smaller, lighter, and compliant with larger memory sources with each product they release. During the race to create the ultimate portable audio device, manufacturers have developed a way to incorporate MP3 compliancy with traditional portable CD players, allowing one compose a CD (CD-R/CDRW) with the capacity of writing 650/800MB worth of music in MP3 format. You’ll never run out of songs to listen to again!
February 12th, 2001

Iomega Hip Zip Portable MP3 Player Review

The HipZip has all the bells and whistles of a current day MP3 player: a USB interface, support for both MP3 and WMA formats, secure download support, and the ability to be upgraded for future formats and security standards. As with the MP-2300, the unit comes with 2 PocketZip discs, and features a built in Li-Ion battery rated for up to 12 hours of play.
February 5th, 2001

Boostaroo Personal Audio Amplifier/Splitter Review

Sometimes some of the most popular inventions are also some of the simplest solutions to common problems. That’s what the Boostaroo really is, a very simple, and cost effective solution to a simple problem: the limitations of audio amplifiers in portable audio. If you have a very active outdoor lifestyle, or if you travel a lot and use your portable audio player in a noisy environment, you’re already familiar with the problem.
January 25th, 2001

Sensory Science rave: MP-2300 Review

Sensory Science has made itself a name in the portable digital music market with their popular rave:mp mp2200 player, which we found to be an excellent entry chock full of features and backed by good quality sound. It’s one of the more popular players here at Neoseeker’s portable MP3 section, and Sensory Science, encouraged by their player’s success, has come out with the latest member of their rave:mp portables: the rave:mp MP2300.
December 19th, 2000

Nike Personal Sport Audio Play 120 Review

Now that the MP3 craze is reaching feverish pitches, it seems like everyone and their brother is getting into the market with portable players. Nike, ever the savvy marketer, isn’t about to let this go without introducing a portable player of their own.
November 2nd, 2000

Xitel MD-Port DG1 Review

If you own an MD player, chances are that you have been eyeing those new portable MP3 player with some small amount of longing. Afterall, you probably have made yourself a nice collection of MP3s and would LOVE to have the ease of mixing and matching your playlists and transferring them to a portable player.
October 5th, 2000

Rio 600 Portable MP3 Player Review

Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Rio500 as part of our USB Portable MP3 roundup. I found the Rio500 to be a quality product with a simple, but well implemented suite of features. It was also one of the most user-friendly players we’ve yet to come across. Now we take a look at the newest member of the Rio family, the Rio600, which is a sportier sort of reincarnation of the popular player with an emphasis on fun and fashionable design.
October 4th, 2000