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Samsung Yepp E64 Portable MP3 Player Review

Unsurprisingly, with the surge of MP3 players on the market, Samsung has entered the portable player market with its high-end Yepp-64 player. Featuring a multi-line LCD display, a cool 64MB of built-in memory and the facility to upgrade with SmartMedia cards – this player is a match for the popular Rio500 and the Nomad II in basic features and functionality.
September 27th, 2000

Artec I-Jungle Portable MP3 Player Review

Many of the most amazing gadgets originate from the Asian countries where technology seems to be a way of life and the pace of its advancement is almost ludicrously fast. The result is a slew of super slick, super high-tech products that would not be out of place in a science-fiction blockbuster film.
September 11th, 2000

Casio WMP-1V MP3 Audio Wrist Watch Review

No one can deny that unique and bizarre gadgets will always draw the attention, scrutiny, praise, and criticism of others, and in coming up with the MP3 Audio Wrist Watch, Casio must have had that single thought in mind. Indeed this “MP3 portable” player looks, feels, and functions just like any wrist watch, but I wouldn’t really term it either a watch or an MP3 player, being that it sort straddles the middle line between being a proper portable player and a regular watch.
September 7th, 2000

RCA Lyra Review

The RCA Lyra is one of those players with so many features that it is inevitably larger than some of its competition. Although I don’t normally like larger gadgets, RCA manages to pack enough features into the Lyra player that I would hesitate to pass it up based on its size factor alone.
August 31st, 2000

Audiovox MP-1000 Review

With a built-in 32MB embedded memory, expandable to 64MB, storage space shouldn't be a problem with the stylish Audiovox MP-1000 Portable MP3 Player. The player is equipped with a Multimedia card port for those who which to add more memory to the player's storage capacity. Find out how this player compares to the rest.
August 11th, 2000

Portable USB MP3 Player Roundup

Perhaps it's time to say a farewell to your ancient Walkmans & portable CD players... Now that the usage of MP3s is so wide spread, comes the question... how do I play them while I am away from my computer?" Anthony describes in detail four Portable USB MP3 Players which can do just this.
July 28th, 2000

Xitel MD-Port AN1 Review

Minidisc players are becoming more and more popular with the dropping prices of the hardware. With this, people wish to transfer MP3s & ripped CD tracks to minidisc format. Xitel's MD-Port AN1 does exactly this using a speedy USB interface. Find out whether this product beats transferring the conventional way.
July 17th, 2000

IJAM IJ-100 / IJ-101 MP3 Player Review

This minuscule and sporty portable mp3 player comes packed with two 16MB Multimedia cards and a handy carrying pouch equipped with a clip. Coming in four different colors, find out whether this player makes the cut.
July 13th, 2000

IJAM IJ-50 MP3 Player Review

More and more people are switching from traditional walkmans & cd-players to portable digital audio devices due to their great sound, interchangable media, and the speedy transfer of songs. The I-JAM IJ-50 is by far the cheapest MP3 player on the market. Find out Ether's thoughts on this very affordable Portable USB MP3 Player.
July 11th, 2000