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E3 2003 Day 1 Report

The madness never stops and the first day of the exhibition proved that with ease. While yesterday was full of company info today brings the life of the party out by talking about the real life to the console. The games. Companies like Konami, Nintendo and Microsoft have flooded the floors with massive stages full of games and music so loud you'd almost swear you had a subwoofer implanted in the back of your head.
May 14th, 2003

E3 2003 Pre-Show Report

Another year another wave of gaming to make us all go broke once more. Today started off the first day of E3 2003. Luckily Nintendo and Nokia were so kind to invite me down to their conferences for some inside looks at their prospects for the 2003/2004 year. Lets quit the chit chat and get down to the real discussion before you all mob me.
May 13th, 2003

DV Expo West 2002 Report

The DV Expo is a spotlight event for many DV fans looking to broaden their horizons through seeing the newest technology for editing or production. This year showcased many tutorial sessions for the public to view, it also showed off many of the latest developing technologies. It was held in the LA Convention Center December 9-12.
January 14th, 2003

Comdex Fall 2002 Report

For those who don't really know what Comdex is.. Comdex is a IT conference/marketplace which attracts technology vendors and sellers to a common place where they can meet each other in hopes of bringing addtional value to their business. To the public, Comdex is all about seeing major companies show off their latest technology, and giving them a glimpse of what is to come in the IT/Computer Industry. In addition to the vast displays on the showroom floors, Comdex hosts Keynote speeches from of the leading technology companies from North America.
November 25th, 2002

Fragmart Highlights

After 4 days of intense competition, I am sad to announce that Fragmart 2002 is officially over. I left Richmond Winter Club with plenty of new friends, a humbling Quake 3 experience and lots of fond memories.
August 27th, 2002

Fragmart Day 1 Report

The date is August 22, 2002. The place is Richmond Curling Club. The event ? Fragmart 2002. Today marks the LAN Gaming event with more than 160 eager young gamers pitting their skills against one another in CS, Quake3 and DoD for more than $10,000 in prizes. I am lucky enough to be included in today?s events but I know the day is going to be a long one.
August 23rd, 2002

Nintendo Trans-Canada Tour Report

Neoseeker was recently invited by Nintendo to attend a trans-Canada event, where members of the press, retail reps, and young 'uns alike get go to hands-on with playable demos of upcoming Nintendo titles showcased at E3. Being that the event would be there for one day only before moving on to other Nintendo offices across Canada, we couldn't resist.
August 2nd, 2002

E3 2002 Report

Many people would do anything short of selling off their own family members to attend an event such as this. The biggest exposition of next gen gaming in the 2002/2003 year for North America. This year I was very fortunate to take part in this event and break it down to everyone else in this writeup. The expo this year consisted of games and features to steal just about anyone's eyes if they were in the right direction. Companies like Nintendo, Logitech, Microsoft, Sony and others went all out to showcase their new products and impress the crowds.
June 19th, 2002

Neoseeker Server Project 2002

In early 2001, we were caught by surprise when our server started going ballistic. As more and more users became aware of Neoseeker?s existence, our traffic had slowly started to mount up - to the point where we were literally growing too fast for the server to keep up. We had already undergone several painful server transitions, and we were faced with the hard decision of HOW to alleviate the server load.
May 10th, 2002

Xbox Birthday Bash Report

The Xbox, Microsoft's entry into the console videogame arena, is finally launching across North America and to celebrate its release here in Canada, Microsoft had organized the "Xbox Birthday Bash" event to kick off the system. Were there similiar events in your neighborhood? Held Wednesday evening at the Virgin Megastore in our fair city's downtown core, the public was allowed to try out various Xbox launch titles all set up at stations on Virgin's second floor.
November 15th, 2001

OCZ Titan 3 GF3 & AMD Optimized PC133 RAM Blow Out

OCZ & Neoseeker have come together to offer the public great deals on two of OCZ's hot products.
August 27th, 2001

E3 2001 Report Day 2

Being fully rested and recharged from a good night?s sleep and a ?hearty? continental breakfast (consisting of grapefruit juice and a bagel for me), we made our way back to the circus that we all call E3. Because we had arrived relatively early, there wasn?t a crowd yet but people were beginning to trickle in. Since we had already explored a lot of South Hall already, we decided to go downstairs to Kentia Hall (the ?Forgotten Hall? as some people call it) where some international developers and other smaller companies made their home at E3.
June 1st, 2001

E3 2001 Report Day 1

So there I was, with Allan (who was along for the ride and acting as my photographer) at E3. Supposedly, this is where the best, the ?l33t? folks of the gaming community go to hang out every year in order to show off their new products or to take a closer look at said products. Although the conference portion of E3 had started a day earlier, the exhibits opened that day on May 17. Being an E3 virgin, I didn?t really know what to expect other than the fact that there would be new games, assorted gaming paraphernalia, and booth babes on display. There is one thing that I have to say at this point, and that is no matter how much you?ve read about E3 in the past, or how many pictures you?ve seen, nothing prepares you for the sheer size of the event.
May 28th, 2001

COMDEX Canada West 2001Report

COMDEX is a haven for anyone and everyone interested in today?s computing technology. The COMDEX that just about everyone knows about takes place in Las Vegas ? the most recent one was held in the Fall of 2000 and hosted around 2000 exhibitors. COMDEX Canada West, which is held in Vancouver, BC, is a much more modest event with just over 100 exhibitors. While not the gala event that we know of COMDEX Las Vegas, COMDEX Canada West still has some interesting presentations and displays, including a sweet Quake3 setup.
March 15th, 2001

Fall COMDEX 2000 Part 1

Everyone comes away from COMDEX with a different experience ? there?s so much to see that inevitably each individual will get a taste of what they can relate to the most. This year, at COMDEX Las Vegas 2000, we saw several technologies really taking up a majority of the attention and floor space at the convention centers, and our summary here is a report on the biggest and hottest trends to be found on the showroom floor.
November 21st, 2000