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Youtube / Twitch Audio Voiceover Recording Guide

If you're looking to break into podcasts or streaming, our guide to audio recording on PC can help get you started!
December 23rd, 2015

Resident Evil V PC Video Card Benchmarks

The blood-thirsty infected of Africa are invading gaming PC's come September 14th. Is your video card up to the challenge? We'll compare 16 different video cards, quality settings, and DX9 vs. DX10 in today's article.
July 24th, 2009

The Sims 3 Graphics Performance Guide

Do you want to play the The Sims 3, but don't have much of a gaming computer? We took a look at every graphic quality setting in the game to find the best balance between performance and looks for those of you with lower-end hardware.
June 12th, 2009

Gifts for Geeks: 24 gift ideas

The holidays are here, and that means gifts -- for both you and others. Here are 24 suggestions that might interest those that like gaming or technology.
December 3rd, 2008

Core 2 Duo Scaling in Gaming

If you game with a Core 2 Duo you got the CPU base covered. But what difference can 800 MHz make? We take a E6700 from 1.6 GHz to 3.0 GHz to get a better handle on CPU scaling in today's games.
January 24th, 2008

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta Performance

We got a hold of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta and put it through the paces. Our guide takes a close look at every graphic option you can possibly set in the game, and we benched the performance of -9- video cards too.
August 27th, 2007

World In Conflict Performance Preview

The Russians are preparing to invade, so get ready with Neoseeker's World In Conflict Performance Preview. We're going to take a look at the open beta version of the game, and compare the DX9 to DX10 versions of the game, and then see what kind of performance you can expect from a wide range of video cards.
July 24th, 2007

Tweaking the Gigabyte 8N-SLI Royal

The Gigabyte 8N-SLI Royal was one of the better overclocking boards we've played with in a while - so much so that we thought we'd follow up on our review with a look at tweaking the board and what results we got from pushing this thing to the limit!
July 25th, 2005

Beginner's Guide to Athlon 64 Overclocking

If you're a relatively new Athlon 64 user, and you're still lost when it comes to terms like "HT", "LDT", and "multiplier", this overclocking guide is for you.
April 25th, 2005

Study of Athlon 64 Overclocking Techniques

With 112 test results under our belt, we investigate the performance differences between different Athlon 64 overclocking techniques. Is HTT link speed all that it's cracked up to be? What about memory dividers? Come and find out in today's guide.
March 30th, 2005

ATI Video 101 Whitepaper

ATI has provided us with a comprehensive whitepaper on video technology covering everything from the differences between analog and digital signals to different connection types. A definite must read for those interested in video and its workings.
March 9th, 2005

Making and Customizing an Unattended Windows Install CD

Neoseeker's first guide in a series of gigantic Windows customization, tweaking, and tuning guides. Learn how to create your own unattended and customized bootable Windows installation CD with integrated service packs, drivers, and hotfixes!
March 2nd, 2005

XBOX Do It Yourself Guide

The Microsoft XBOX console for many new owners happens to be a reliable system that can go for quite an abusive period. For owners of launch systems and first year systems though this console has proven to be quite troublesome to be the least with the dreaded Thompson Drive. Since this is one of the most common complaints I'm going to run through cleaning proceedure and teardown to remove the old laser assembly and install a new one. Before we go into that I'm required to state the following.
February 26th, 2004

PS2 Do It Yourself Guide

Ah the Playstation 2, Sony's dream console for the time being in many countries. In others the new dream is the PSX but that's another story. The PS2 contains quite a bit of technology and for many it's a thing they don't plan to face without proper prep work. The DRE, Tray misalignments, blown powerboards are all some of the errors that people encounter with the machine over time. Some of these can be repaired for a fraction of the cost that people believe it would be. I've heard quite a few questions and I've issued watered down answers but this time I'm going to go into detail and drop images along the way so that everyone can hopefully get their systems running again.
February 15th, 2004

Overclocking Guide

Class is in session today and the subject is Overclocking 101. We go over the terminology, the basic Do's and Do Not's and finally the How To's. Grab a fire extinguisher and settle down because things are about to get hot in here!
February 12th, 2004

Windows XP Tweaking Guide

I have broken this guide into 6 parts. Networking, file system, memory performance, freeing up memory, startup/shutdown and then the other stuff. I've tried to pack as much performance related tweaking here as I can but there's always more to be uncovered. I will update this article as frequently as possible. I know there's a million tweaks that I'm missing here but I am trying to keep this guide dedicated to tweaks that directly affect your performance.
September 6th, 2002

Intel 845D Tweaking Guide

In this article we are going to look at improving the performance of Intel's I845D (DDR) chipset which is designed for single processor use. We have been digging into the white papers on this chipset over the past week to try and find out every last thing we could about this chipset! If you've been around this site for very long you know all about chipset registers by now.
August 21st, 2002

AMD 762 Chipset Tweaking (MP/MPX) Guide

In this article we are going to look at improving the performance of the AMD's 760MP/MPX chipset which is designed for multi processor use. We have been digging into the white papers on this chipset over the past week to try and find out every last thing we could about this chipset and then figure out how all of you power hungry madmen with the duallies can make it run even faster! If you've been around this site for very long you know all about chipset registers by now.
August 7th, 2002

Asynchronous Bus Guide

Currently the most popular chipset for a single CPU Athlon system is the KT333. It supports things like ATA 133 and DDR333 that have quickly become standards. Most KT333 board manufacturers have opted to use an asynchronous bus to support DDR333 instead of adding in a 1/5 divider and supporting a true 166Mhz bus. I'm not a big fan of this at all. The gains of running an asynchronous bus aren't as big as you'd expect.
July 16th, 2002

Building Your Own PC: A Newbie?s Guide

Building a computer is actually much easier than most people would first assume. In fact, in most cases (no pun intended), you need very little computer experience to do it yourself. You will, however, need to be somewhat technically inclined as far as using your hands is concerned.
May 31st, 2002

Newbie's Multimedia Speaker System Buyer's Guide

Multimedia speakers have come a long way. Today's offerings are considerably closer to midrange sound systems than they ever have been and the trend will only continue in that direction. Digital music, convergence and the Internet have all but guaranteed that the PC will become a general purpose multimedia device where once it was first used to do work and then to play games.
May 22nd, 2002

CPU & Chipset Lapping Guide

Every metal surface on every heatsink that I have ever seen has a lot of little imperfections in them. It simply isn't possible for the manufacturers to produce perfectly flat bottomed heatsinks. They are good enough for you to use but by doing something called lapping you can usually lower your temps a few degrees. Any real mod freak will want to lap the heatsink on your northbridge as well as the one on your CPU. Today we will be lapping our Northbridge heatsink but you can use the same principles on your CPU and heatsink.
April 30th, 2002

Optical Drive Tweak Guide

Many of you have 40+ speed cd drives or 10+ speed DVD drives and don?t even think about tweaking them out because you figure that is fast enough. Well guess what. It COULD be faster. We?re going to show you exactly what you have to do. We?ll start you out with the basics.
April 23rd, 2002

How to Maximize your FSB

We frequently get asked things like how can I get the maximum FSB speed possible from my system? Here we will try and fill in at least the basics on what you need to be familiar with in order to achieve your max FSB. I'll try and cover as much as I possibly can without being too technical.
March 27th, 2002