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- Thursday, February 7th, 2002 Like Share

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Boyan Feb 7, 02
Good review, but please add review of
new 'Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 (19")':
or http://www.iiyama.co.uk (better design, flash)

Some quick specifications from UK page:
- Max resolution: 2048 x 1536 @ 80 Hz
- Recommended res: 1600 x 1200 @ 100 Hz
- Aperture Grill Pitch : 0.25mm
- Sync Frequency: H. 30-130kHz, V. 50-200Hz
- Bandwidth: 345MHz
- Anti-static, Anti-reflection coating
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p0rnflake Feb 9, 02
I have to disagree with you on the LG 915FT+ - Before I bought mine I checked out most other 19" monitors in that price range Including both the NEC and Samsung models reviewed- And not one of 'em came close to the 915FT+ !

Two of my friends own a 915FT+ too - and I gotta admit that the picture quality on one of them is somewhat worse than on mine and the third one (we're all using it on an ATI8500). I'm guessing LG shipped a bad batch (or whatever the correct term is).

I can only recommend anyone shopping for a really good 19" to at least go to a store and check out the image quality on the 915FT+ - you'll be amazed !
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Jay-Jay Feb 10, 02
Shame you could'nt have included the Hansol 920D 19" Natural Flat monitor as its price of only
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TonyB Mar 26, 02
I have the ViewSonic PF775 under Win2KPro & OS/2, and the NEC FE950 (predecessor to the +) under Linux and Warp Server. Would agree with your review, and only add that the PF775 seems to be friendly to a variety of Video cards (I've used onboard Trident, Matrox G400, & S3).
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FA Apr 20, 02
This review, as many others, focuses only on some features of monitors, that is geometry and colours. There is another one that it isn't discussed enough: text quality. I bought a week ago a Philips 109P20 that has excellent colours and perfect geometry, but it's not able to display good text at any resolution, with a very bad quality at 1280x1024 and above.

Next time please take care of this characteristics, because a lot of people do not buy a 19" monitor only for graphic processing or DVD movies.

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slime Sep 16, 02
I also own a LG 915FT plus.
I think it's far the best monitor for the price.
I have tested a lot of models and the quality of the 915ft was he best. The only drawback is the size and weight. It's enormous!

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