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- Friday, June 14th, 2002 Like Share

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Karatekid Jun 14, 02
This review was a fine piece to read! Great work.

Just one note;
I think that if these tests were done using 10 modules of each memory type, using the averages, the results might have been a lot different.
My guess is the modules from Kingston an Corsair would have taken the lead.
The reason why Mushkin is marking their modules "PC2100" is because not all the modules reach the speeds mentioned in the review. Some may actually end up being nothing more then ordinairy PC2100. Otherwise Mushkin would have positioned them one or two classes higher, considdering Mushkin's image. (High-end / OC'ers field)...
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rlc Jun 15, 02
thanks for the great review, this is got to be one of the best "high performance ddr" on the net. thanks!! have you ever test out the speed limited on those mushkin pc2700 and pc3000 modules?
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DarkWeasel Jun 15, 02
Your results for the OCZ RAM is puzzlingly low, every other site I have seen test it has tested it very high (200 MHz and better) I know that OCZ sells two different versions of their PC2700 RAM. Did you use their older version or their designated "Rev3" RAM which is meant for higher overclocking speeds?
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moonbone Jun 23, 02
do you think two 256 MB mushkins like the one in the benchmark will do good as the one 512 he tested?
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