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- Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 Like Share

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1.Introduction & Specifications:
2.Closer Look: The Fans
3.Testing Setup & Results
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hiigaran Aug 9, 12
one thing ive never had a definite answer on...those fan blade thicknesses. you have the thinner ones with more blades, then the thicker ones with fewer blades. whats the performance difference? its always been something thats confused me with things like the shape of propellers on planes and ships, with them being so different.
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hbn Aug 9, 12
On case fans, no PWM for me would be fine since I like my case fans to run maxed out all the time. Lack of PWM would kill it somewhat for me using it on the CPU.

Which is better for case cooling though? Static pressure or high airflow? Expensive for fans (or atleast seems expensive) but somewhat worth it. Would've been tempted to grab some Spectre Pros to match my case, but these are quite tempting aswell.

Hope they do a PWM version though for my CPU cooling. Assuming ofcourse that they'll fit in my cooler.
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deeplove Aug 9, 12

No PWM!!!

That's what I need. God. Nothing could be perfect in this world. I need a pair of PWM fans. Even though I wouldn't mind getting some for my case, but I just bought some fans the other day. So they'll have to wait.

No PWM!!!!

I would've bought some right now.
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