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Intel P67 3-Way Motherboard Roundup - PAGE 16

- Monday, January 3rd, 2011 Like Share

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Tom's Mugshot Jan 7, 11
OMFG! 4.7GHz? That's superfantabulous. The fact that all 3 motherboards are close performers is probably a good thing. Many people just like certain brands, and I always hate having to pick one over the other just because one has an extra SATA port. Nice to know that performance-wise they are very similar.

I read the Sandy Bridge CPU roundup also. Very impressive numbers. I had a liquid-cooled i5 OC'd to almost 5GHz so I imagine that these boards will allow a new liquid-cooled i7 to do it easily. And looks like retail pricing will be competitive to AMD's high-end offerings.

Very nice reviews. I will go with ASUS board.

Can't wait
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HekiM Jan 6, 11
... and please also comment on the boot time.

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rigelt Jan 5, 11
Thanks for the roundup. But I'm disappointed that you actually benchmarked the CPU instead of the mobos. How's about USB3 performance, power figures, fan profiles etc.
Bios coverage and all the pictures are suberb. Cheers
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