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3-Way Budget Case Roundup - PAGE 8

- Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 Like Share

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Vagabond Aug 5, 11
Thanks! I am glad you liked the review

Yeah, they both use a very similar internal design, with the only real difference being the tool-less mechanisms are slightly different. I found the NZXT to have a somewhat better tool-less design because the HDD locking knob on the Shinobi can fall out when the clip is not secured to the HDD cage.
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dlb1 Aug 5, 11
Good review, but did anyone else notice that the BitFenix Shinobi and the NZXT Source 210 Elite are identical? I didn't see the dimensions listed for the Shinobi, but I'll bet they're the same as (or VERY close to) the dimensions of the Source 210 Elite. Yes, they have do have individual asthetic differences (the "Soft Touch" and window on the Shinobi case, no front fan on the NZXT case, etc), but as far as general functionality and internals, they are identical as far as I can tell. No a big deal, just interesting. I know it's an older case, but I was surprised to see that the NZXT BetaEVO wasn't included. It's only $45US and due the rotated HD cage, it can easily accomodate larger video cards without having to strategize HD placement. Again, not a big deal....

And, overall, a nice little round-up. I was looking to buy the NZXT case for 2nd build, but I already have a brand new Shinobi won in an online contest. I was planning on selling it and buying the NZXT case, but since they're identical, there's no need to! LOL
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