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- Thursday, July 25th, 2002 Like Share

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mjardin Jul 28, 02
I recently purchased the Yepp YP-700. It's a nice mp3 player to take to the gym. It's light and compact and holds enough music for a whole 2 hour workout. Will hold more if you add the memory card. The overall volume was not as loud as I thought it should be. And the fm-tuner does not work very good:(. I am lucky to get any stations at all. Overall I am very happy with it.

Things to watch out for:
If you go to Best Buy to purchase the Yepp YP-700, it does not come with the FM tuner but you still pay the same price . I ended up purchasing mine on line for $20 less, as a bonus!!
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bigG Aug 24, 02
hmmm ... great review ... but I was wondering if buying this kind of mp3 player or the mp3 CD players is better . please comment.
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Warath Sep 17, 02
I Just purchased the YP-700. I haven't had the chance to take it to the gym yet, which is why I bought it, however, it seems to be great! My only complaint is that the volume isn't great. When you turn up the volume on both the remote and the unit, its fairly good. But when the unit shuts off, the unit's volume setting isn't remembred, so you have to pull it out of the case, turn off the hold, turn up the volume, hold on, back in the case. :-(
Other than that... I'm loving it!

I picked this over an MP3 cd player because of its size! Very small, light, and has memory expansion!

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geraco Oct 6, 02
Speaking of the lack of bass on the 700H, Michael says:
"For example, I decided to put down some hardcore Hip Hop beats and was totally dissed by the extreme lack of bass - no big bassing G is going to dig this …hmmm…back to the boom box."
I managed to squeeze a fair amount of bass out of this little gem by boosting the bass in the user defined EQ setting.

And, somewhere else, Stephen Fung mentions "future support" for Mp3Pro, however, I currently have my Yepp loaded with 38, 64 Kbps Mp3Pro files, and they work and sound fine.

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Sushi-Y Apr 21, 03
The player uses a fade in effect when you select a track to play, which is ok for most of the time, but when I have a loop track it gets a little annoying, I wish there's a way to turn the fade in option off.
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dudley doright May 22, 03
I had this unit now for the last 30 days and I used it to prepare myself for a half marathon race. I would say this unit serves me well except for one thing. The battery pack does not last longer than 4 hours. Thank god my half marathon race is only for 2 hours. I am not sure what to do once I decided to run a full marathon.
Overall, this unit was worth every penny that I spent.
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