: : : : XFX GeFORCE 8800GTX XXX Review


, J. Micah Grunert
- Thursday, January 25th, 2007
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tomy_b Feb 2, 07
why would you want to change the cooling? The Over clocked 8800 GTX is water cooled.
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AllNamesTaken Feb 2, 07
Just shut up.

Ok just to not leave you hanging water cooling doesnt necesarily mean its going to be any better.

Also what we mean is if you get a non watercooled version from BFG or any other *BRAND* and overclock it and change the cooler for any third party cooler it will void the warrenty....*UNLIKE EVGA* where it is perfectly acceptable.

To be honest i would rather have the card non-watercooled.

There you go.
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tomy_b Feb 2, 07
Okay. sorry for the rambling. I know what you mean now and I agree with what you said. I'll shut up now.
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jmicahg Feb 5, 07
It is probably the fastest card on the planet right now!

For this review, I had done all of the bench testing and photos while my partner in arms, Michael had done the writing.

A couple of things about the XXX

First, we did see some GPU scaling with certain games. An example would be with Quake (I think) where the ATI card preformed better with AA and AF turned on. The XXX did the same thing, but prefroming better at 1280x1024 than it did at 1024x768. This is most likely a method of GPU scaling or throttling (turning off certian pipes or streams if they are not needed).

The other thing it could be is software related. Perhaps the drivers used are optimized for filtering turned on and resolutions above 1280x1024. Or maybe even an aspect of the game. The game programmers beleive that everyone uses LCDs that start at 1280 resolution. SO, naturally, they've elected to ignore 1024 and below. Regardless, it's a freakin' fast card!

As for water cooling, it can be done. I'm going to check tomorrow if a G71 footprint cooler will fit G80 mounting points. If it can. then a GeForce 7000 series aftermarket water cooler could be used on a G80. When overclocking a G80, the best util to use is ATI Tool! Don't ask me why, but it seems to work the best right now. Cool Bits doesn't work most of the tie, and nTune is limited. I've seen figures of G80 cards that have been OC'd using water cooling, and the best is a 10 percent gain in FPS.

Remember; if you're water cooling, you're going to want to have your radiator in the coolest place possible. A radiator can only bring the water temps down to the ambient room tempature. If you have a big enough fan, you can induce wind chill. But in a 20 degrees C room, a fan the size of a fridge might only get you down to 15 degrees if your lucky. If you have AC, then maybe you could position your H2O rad at the outlet of the AC, chill it down to 7 degress C, and get the water dozen to maybe 12 degrees.

It's going to take me a while, but I am going to be experimenting with some extreeme cooling techniquess. All quite top secret for now though.


(Forvige the spelling, but I typed this in less than a minute and did't read it over. We're all guilty of bad spelling, right?)
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