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- Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 Like Share

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dvrocc Apr 4, 08
Not a bad card, I checked out a few Google videos from Tigerdirect about the 9800X2 seems like the drivers need more work then anything always a next generation card with the same old buggy drivers from 4 generations ago. Nvidia better not pull there stunt where they drop support for a past generation to force people to upgrade much like they did with the 7000 series Nvidia's. Allot of devoted waved goodbye to Nvidia for that and went full on ATI and I don't blame them I am one of those now a full ATI X1950Pro, only time will tell about the GX2.
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Tweaker Apr 4, 08
quote CrankyOldBastard
Garbage, garbage, garbage, this card is no better than the 8800gtx. Nvidia will keep putting out the same card under a different name until ATI comes out with a strong competitor. You can't even say it's a good buy considering NewEgg is selling the 8800GTX for $50 less. And please, stop relying on reviews from this site, the testing methods are less than adequate. This is a superior review .
Only one is about the same price as the 9800 while the others are still $80-100 more at the moment. Its a great buy for people with older rigs looking to check out DX10 with great playability vs people who just upgraded to a 8 series based card... Seriously I knew this thing wasnt going to be that great and it wasnt hard to tell due to the manufacturing processes available right now along with the slow competition like you noted... Also dude if you dont like the reviews then stay a grumpy ass troll on another forum site like the hard oc forums where they the review products how you feel is right.
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sam034 Apr 16, 08
Eeeehm, maybe I'm a total noob, but it looks like the cpu is the bottleneck in some of these benchmarks, like World in conflict.

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kspiess Apr 29, 08
It's possible there may have been some slight bottlenecking going on with the SLI setups. Single GPU's shouldn't be a prob though, checkout this article I wrote :

Testing is now done on a system running at 3.2 GHz and memory running over a 1000 MHz.
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