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- Friday, September 8th, 2000 Like Share

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sinnerQ Sep 8, 00
this looks like a piece of crap. I think I will stick to my Thrustmaster thank you very much. Who needs a joystick that works without the base anyway, its all a big marketing sham.
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Ether Sep 8, 00
Well there are two big problems with the stick:

a) The buttons are of poor quality and are hard to reach/use.

b) The MSRP of $59 is pretty hefty. Obviously the street prices would be cheaper... but compare that to Thrustmaster's top of the line Top Gun joystick (for the same price), which comes with a full size throttle(!!), or compare that to the new MS Precision Pro2, also the same price, and most likely better quality.

It's really too bad, because the tilt responsiveness was pretty darn good - it felt quite natural when you removed the base.
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Redemption Sep 10, 00
Another review of the Airstick was published by Glide Underground. They LOVED the thing and gave it their editor's choice, so if you want a second opinion:


They seemed to like the buttons, which both me and Entity tried and didn't like.

This message was edited by Redemption on Sep 10 2000.
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SmoothController Sep 20, 00
I loved the way this thing felt when I used it. There is no doubt that the baseless feel is AWESOME. I didn't even mind the buttons too much, except for when a friend commented that they looked like cheap shampoo bottle clasps. That one had me ROTFLAO.

This thing deserves a higher mark, closer to 80%.
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