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- Tuesday, June 19th, 2001 Like Share

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SUPERNT Jun 22, 01
this is a great fan and i got it cheap too on pricewatch, i have volcano 2 and super orb.
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shorman Jun 23, 01
Am I missing somethng in this article or what
What is the tested system:confused: What kind of cpu did you use:confused:
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Gxcad Jul 1, 01
I seriously doubt that fan can pump out 36cfm at only 31.5dBA. The famous delta black label pumps out only 2 more cfm and is the loudest mofo at 46.5dBA. Even OCZ 36cfm fan is about 42.5dBA, yet this fan is neither bigger nor thicker than either of these fans. As for the poster previous to me, the cpu is a Duron 700 run on MSI K7t pro2A. I don't think the heat should of been shown by comparing it to ambient, but rather should of listed the raw temps and list the ambient seperately. If this fan really pushed 36cfm you'd get better performance than 2-3degrees below mini super orb, are you sure this isn't a typo?...guess not since its in the review twice. still, a 60x60x25 fan pushing 36cfm at only 4500rpm is just unheard of, and I insist its a mistake!
Anyone care to confirm this amazingly quiet fan?

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