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VisionTek HD 4890 OC Review - PAGE 7

- Friday, August 7th, 2009 Like Share

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Celes Leonhart Aug 7, 09
Good review, extensive benchmarks. It's a strange card, sometimes it's ripping the Nvidia cards, others it's dropping beneath all the 275s and over. It leads the reasonable resolutions with FPS in a league of its own, but drops several places when at a stretch. Seems inconsistent. Nevertheless, the awesome cooling sparked further interest in the mostly top performance, and decided to investigate some UK retailers to check up on a price. My findings: nothing. I can't see the card being sold by any of the main UK hardware specialists I know (unless I began to rush too much.) Shame, it looks a very nice card.

I say this, having not actually reached the bottom of the final page yet; holy dick the thing's a power hog. I don't even think my PSU would be able to hold out at those heights, and it's not worth an upgrade when you get can get something a little cheaper and nowhere near as high.

An interesting point -- your review came up top of my Google search for "visiontek hd 4890 uk", congrats.
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kspiess Aug 15, 09
Thanks Celes.

Ya this card is pretty tough to find -- I actually had to write the VisionTek rep to get a price for it (this is very uncommon, usually I just use newegg and ncix and frys to settle on an average price.)

And the power drain is huge! I could see this video card being too much to handle for generic and cheap 500W PSU's.
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