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- Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 Like Share

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zpackrat Feb 13, 08
I just picked up my VisionTek 3870 and have a couple of issues with it,
1. In CCC the Overdrive utility only allows a GPU OC from the default 800 to 840 and there is no ability to OC the RAM as it's set at 1170 at both ends and the slider is grayed out.
2. PowerPlay is neutered in that all settings including 2d are set to 800/1170 albeit with lower voltage for 2d and low power 3d

Other than that it's a good card, but these things should be addressed IMO by a bios update.
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UltraBoiNG Feb 16, 08
Thank you for a reasonable and unbiased review

I would have liked some pics with the cooler removed (or to see actual rated speeds for the DDR4 on the board). Would you happen to know what those chips are rated at?

To zpackrat - powerplay has some real issues, and it's very likely that the catalyst overdrive is limited because of how the card's support of powerplay is "removed" (or rather nullified). I suggest you try RivaTuner for your fan/clock needs.

On that point, kudos to VisionTek for releasing a product that isn't crippled by powerplay bugs
Powerplay most definately is helping ATI break back into the laptop market in a big way, but personally it needs an on/off switch

I'm all for manufacturers releasing updated BIOS (I remember when this was commonplace), but I don't think they will reintroduce powerplay into a card they worked hard to fix (remove) those issues from. There are more than a few card makers not even bothering to help the consumer in this way bleh
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complain Feb 22, 08
I would like to ask author to repeat elementary school, especially basic math. 800 minus 777 isnt 13, but 23, okay?
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