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- Thursday, August 20th, 2009 Like Share

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Iceguy2003 Aug 21, 09
Wow, not bad at all for $100. Is it practically on par, or maybe a fraction slower, than the HD4850? I didn't see that in the charts. Seems to be between 4830 and 4850 performance.
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Saransh Comsole Aug 26, 09
Crysis: Warhead: Games don't get much more demanding than Crysis. We used the 'Gamer' pre-set level of details, which is the middle level setting out of 5 options. We ran the benchmark on the 'avalanche' map, using the FrameBuffer Crysis benchmarking tool, version 0.29, in DX10 mode.
well, will no one ever say that there are 4 in-game settings?
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kspiess Sep 3, 09
Sorry for not responding sooner to your comments guys. I have to remember to check more often.

I've tested the 4850 against the 4770 before -- if you'd like to check out the results, you can see them here:

You are right about the 'somewhere between the 4830, 4850' performance.

Saransh-=> There are 5 settings on the Crysis benchmarking tool I use. I'll check out the in-game and change that line up if it is wrong. Thanks for pointing it out.
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