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- Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 Like Share

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Reenee Oct 6, 10
That thing is amusingly tiny. Nice to see it's well-made.
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Northern49 Oct 7, 10
I bought the Rii Mini on ebay about a month ago. They are also selling this product under another name over at It seems a lot of companies are just buying up the design and slapping their name on it and collecting a share of the profits, which justifies the increased price to over the net loss.

If it's anything like the Rii Mini, which the article suggests, it is a pretty good keyboard. The backlighting is very reliable. It has a tendency to lose signal on some key presses, though, at random, or it thinks you're holding down the button when you actually just pressed it. This is only a real problem when this happens when pressing volume up, however, as it will send your volume to max in half of a second.

Other than that, it's reliable, rechargeable, and has a very decent battery life.

The laser pointer is pretty useless to me, but it's fun to have a laser pointer laying around to *bleep* with your friends.
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mm01 Oct 7, 10
question- could you clarify what you meant by

quote Article
This occurred even when the pointer speed was set to the maximum level in the mouse properties menu. However, when the pointer speed was set to fast, the movement was greatly improved.
im slightly confused by this statement...

quote Northern49
but it's fun to have a laser pointer laying around to *bleep* with your friends.
if you've got the cash, get one of those that can burn through paper. THAT is good for a show.
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Northern49 Oct 7, 10
Not really keen on how much battery power that would drain, though.
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tekmosis Oct 7, 10
I wonder if you could use this as a second keyboard for Google TV / Logitech's Revue. For the price, if it does work it'd be a great alternative, especially since the Logitech one is so expensive if you want/need a second keyboard for it.
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