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ATI HD 4800 series launch: VisionTek HD4850 Review - PAGE 6

- Friday, June 20th, 2008 Like Share

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ElGuru Jul 17, 08
The problem that you also have is your motherboard's bottlenecking the cards try using something with a P45 or X38/48 chipset, i've found when using P45 there is enough bandwidth for a single 4850 but with 2 cards on a P45 vs X38 or X48 the X38/48 slaughter P45/35 because of the additional PCI-E bandwidth. Anyone testing any cards about 4850 or faster (4850,4870,9800GX2,GTX260/280) will encounter a bottleneck with pci-e bandwidth. One way to prove this is to raise your FSB without raising your clock speed (by adjusting your multiplier). On your 975X board @ 400 FSB (1600 QFSB) you will see way more bandwidth for the card and thus better results, bench it @ 266 (1066) and see the results.