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Thermaltake Volcano 9 Coolmod Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, January 31st, 2003 Like Share

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VeGiTAX2 Jan 31, 03
It almost appears that you have a brighter set of LED's than the one's that I generally use. >_< most people complain about the lack of brightness so I throw in a cold cathode light in the case as well to give them a full glow.

Has anyone confirmed if they are in fact using various LED's rather than a standard provider? It would be interesting to know before I consider an upgrade for myself to one of those. I'll take the advice on the light mod as well to keep it constantly running. It does look pretty bad with only the blue set constantly working.

[btw] Were there any temp. comparisons to the 7+? I only saw 2 pages avalible in the article.
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Rah_muXe Jan 31, 03
quote VeGiTAX2
I only saw 2 pages avalible in the article.
That's what I was wondering about. It seemed like the article was supposed to go on further.
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Redemption Jan 31, 03
Page 3 only shows temperatures that we got running on a 2700+.

The way I understand it, the V9CoolMod performs at the same level as the V7 regular, so the V7+ will still outperform it. The new Volcano 11 Xaser edition will outperform both, I'm guessing. We're trying to bring that in right now to do a test.

Btw, we're not sure whether or not its advised to force both LED colours to be lit at once using our trick. Some motherboards may not be able to handle it, though I can't see it eating too much power. I think it's worth it if someone can do a simple mod to see whether they can get the case lights AND the CoolMod to work at the same time.


Connect the CoolMod to PowerLED and MessageLED. Splice the case PowerLED wire manually into the PowerLED wire on the CoolMod. Connect the case HDD LED to the mobo. Voila. If anyone wants to risk trying it, let us know if it works without burning out something .
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ARHZ Feb 25, 03
Iam running this fan on my amd2700 but i lap and polished the bottom my temps are 32degC it dose not get over 34degC
running 3Dbenck2003
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Redemption Feb 25, 03
I think it's worth lapping the bottom of this fan... mostly because the copper core's surface has a ridged radial pattern that might not have the best contact surface area.

How fast are you running the fan to get that sort of temperature?
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