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- Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 Like Share

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0 thumbs!
Shadow of Death Dec 21, 12
Huh, maybe I'll actually get this for my next build, assuming better stuff doesn't come out.

It'll be a while before I build a new computer (this one still has a good year in it, playing games at or near maximum settings).
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Cryonicstate Dec 21, 12
The Water 2.0 Extreme performs really well, I plan on giving it a run with a push/pull configuration sometime next week.
0 thumbs!
Luis_GT Dec 21, 12
I wonder how it performs against the Corsair H100, since both are very similar down to the price.
0 thumbs!
Cryonicstate Dec 24, 12
That would be interesting to see just how well it would compare.
0 thumbs!
ComputerEd Dec 25, 12
In direct comparison the difference is so minor that you just buy whichever costs less.
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