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Super Talent DDR3-1866 Review - DDR3 grows up? - PAGE 1

- Thursday, September 20th, 2007 Like Share

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ParanahJoe Sep 25, 07
Awesome article, each one Neoseeker uploads to us are phenomenal.

I have one question while were on this subject though. What reasons should you take into consideration when choosing wether or not to go with ddr2 or ddr3 or even taking the jump from ddr to either ddr2 or -3? And would the jump be actually worth it? Not in the long run but in the present.
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Javelin Sep 27, 07
Going to DDR3 will require a new motherboard. Not worth it now as ddr3 is slower then ddr2; at least until improved m/b drivers are available.
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kspiess Oct 3, 07
In the present you are best to stick with DDR2.

DDR3 can be faster than DDR2, but it is not worth the price premium.

Unless you have tons of cash weighing you down...
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