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Spire 5T060B1H3R Socket Cooler Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, October 17th, 2001 Like Share

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mindless1 Dec 18, 01
No picture of the 'sink? Oh, there's one tiny one in the corner, i almost missed it, and might as well have.

Major drawback is heat-retention? Without a picture, we can only guess at this, that sounds a little off, as we certainly don't want little heatsinks, just need to know if it will fit on the target motherboard, and if it's heavy, then how good is the retention clip? From the tiny picture, it looks like it has one hook/side, or is the hook missing, and we have to guess if it's the one hook style or three or...?

What is "silvergrease"? Using a standard generic heatsink grease, or Arctic Silver, would provide a basis for comparision, or at least eliminate one "unknown".

It's compared to a Chrome Orb... why? Could there be a worse choice? Of course it beat a Chrome Orb, a stick of butter still in the wrapper would beat a chrome orb. Also, it would be nice to test it on a CPU that actually generates enough heat to need a huge 'sink, a Duron @ 9xx MHz just isn't a challenge, just about any post-'99 'sink could keep one cool enough for stability.

What is the MSRP, and the avg. online price?

Is the fan ball-bearing, dual ball-bearing, or sleeve, and is it's bearing creating that annoying high-pitched noise, or is the noise all turbulence?

With such an odd (70x70x15mm) sized fan, it would be nice to also see exactly how it mounts (what the 'sink mount-plate looks like), whether there is a possibility to replace it easily with a 60-80mm fan, and maybe even how it would perform with a mid-range (~3600) RPM 80mm fan.

Overall, the review is missing the most important part, the pictures... would rather have ONLY pictures, than no pictures.
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Gxcad Jan 1, 02
I have to agree, the review was very breif and severely lacking in many parts. OC duron at what voltage? There is just too much info that is missing to be able to compare it to other coolers.


This message was edited by Gxcad on Jan 01 2002.
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