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- Friday, May 11th, 2001 Like Share

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Sean Wolff Aug 10, 01
Hey on the 7vda

I just purchased one of these motherboards monday and have placed it into my comp at home with an 866 PIII attached and DDR pc2100 512 meg. I have found a slight difficulty with the board. To utilize the sound blaster cards DVD and Audio and a modem it takes some juggling in the slots to get them right on the money regarding IRQ conflicts. Also I found that with unregistered DDR I could only use two of the ram slots on the board anymore than that and the board has the error code beeps on startup. Overall I am happy now that I have a board that does not have the 815i chipset memory limitations. I do have a question how do I work with the motherboard to perform overclocking on the Intel PIII chip?

Sean Wolff
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Anthony Palumbo Jan 4, 02
Just purchased the Soyo 7vda MOBO. Here's my issue. While installing my new Verto nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 64 Mb AGP Video Card, it did not match perfectly with the AGP expansion slot in the rear of the case (Antec SX1035B). In fact, to get it to fit through the back of the slot, the video card is actually bowed and is now sitting that way in the slot. I haven't powered the thing on yet because I'm not comfortable with the way the video card sitting like this. Any suggestions.

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