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- Tuesday, October 16th, 2001 Like Share

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Ben Oct 17, 01
I've had the Dragon for a while now and it's been good to me except for one thing. the centre (not Sub) channel of the 6 channel onboard sound does not work has anyone noticed this problem with their Dragons? (the 5 other channels work).

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SCSI DEATH Oct 21, 01
Ya I noticed that when I tested the Dragon
6 channels was working ok... but had some kind of interference static coming from the center (fuzzy static in the distant background). I don't like tho still think SBLive is better:D

This message was edited by SCSI DEATH on Oct 21 2001.
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OverClockd Oct 22, 01
i never really used the onboard sound simply cause who needs it when 90% of users have SLive 5.1 or something along them lines. so the fact that it don;t work isn;t a issue with me.

so lets get off the sound talk and start giving thoughts about the board itself.
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drabarius Dec 21, 01
OK all you Soyo K7V Dragon owners!!! I've got some questions for you. The dragon seems to have a lot of bios problems, unless it is just my board...

1) If you set the clock multiplier higher than normal to overclock, save and exit the bios, then shut the computer off, will your bios retain the OC'd settings? Mine won't. (The settings are still the way I left them, but computer wants to boot at 1.4Ghz.) Everytime I turn on my computer, I have to go to the bios, choose save and exit, and then it will boot with the OC's settings. (Runs rock solid stable too, at 1.53Mhz.)

2) You can greatly increase your Memory subsystem by choosing MAXIMUM performance in the bios, (from 565 to 744 in SiSoft Sandra Memory Subsystem Benchmark), but if you do, the USB devices become disabled under Integrated Peripherals. If you go to Integrated Peripherals and enable the USB ports, they will automatically be disabled on bootup. (Go back into Bios and they will be disabled.) In fact, I simply went into the other menu (I think SOYO Combo settings)and then back to I/O Peripherals and just being in that menu disables the USB ports.)

Could someone else try the above out for me and see if they have these problems? Thanks.
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